Prolonger l'été en lumière

Prolonger l'été en lumière !

3 February 2018

September has arrived and the beautiful season is coming to an end ... The sun is going down, the morale too! To fight against the seasonal gloom, we are inspired by the light therapy to fill up the good waves. This gentle therapy, known for fighting stress and winter blues, uses light as an alternative source of energy.


To take advantage of its pergola in all seasons, Biossun has developed various lighting systems, easily controlled by remote control ... to be sure to always be in the light! STRIP LED lighting


Spot lighting ramps


Recessed peripheral lighting


Directly integrated in the beams of the pergola, the recessed lighting on the periphery makes it possible to illuminate the entire terrace. Day and night, your pergola adapts to your moments ...

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Retour d'expérience installation pergolas biossun au coeur de l'espace restauration hotel pullman toulouse airport

Experience feedback: Installation of Biossun bioclimatic patio covers in the heart of the hotel Pullman Toulouse Airport.

The expectations of hotel and restaurant operators have changed. They seek to create personalized and convivial places, where the service is redesigned thanks to flexible spaces that can take on different functions.

Retour d'expérience un été sous une pergola a biossun draillant

Experience feedback: A summer under a Biossun pergola in Draillant (74)

Nadine lives in a beautiful setting nestled in the heart of the Alps. A superb contemporary house with a mirror pool, a refined garden ... And since a few months, a new pergola Biossun ...

Pour mieux profiter d'un spa ou d'une piscine plongez pour une pergola bioclimatique biossun

To better enjoy a spa or swimming pool, dive for a Biossun bioclimatic pergola

A swimming pool or spa is an ideal relaxation area to enjoy the benefits of water at home. Pool or spa? In both cases, a bioclimatic Biossun pergola can allow you to enjoy these facilities better, more often and longer. Resourcing at home becomes even mor

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