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Operation Free Motorization

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March 25 to April 6, 2024 - Free motorization

The warm weather is here, and BIOSSUN is helping you create a unique outdoor space by offering to motorize your pergola from March 25 to April 06, 2024 only.

Take advantage of this offer, valid on all our adjustable, retractable and fabric pergolas*, to get your pergola ready for summer.

*For installation by an authorized Biossun dealer in mainland France.
Offer cannot be combined

Biossun - Our history

BIOSSUN®, a small company based in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, entered the market in 2009 with a revolutionary, cutting-edge idea for protecting outdoor spaces. At the time, this innovation immediately attracted the interest of the industry.

What makes BIOSSUN® pergolas truly unique is their exclusive, patented motorisation system, a remarkable technological advance that allows the slats to pivot through an angle of up to 175 degrees. This revolutionary advance paves the way for optimal use of solar energy, while guaranteeing effective protection against the vagaries of the weather and ingenious collection of precious rainwater.

Beyond this technological feat, BIOSSUN® pergolas embody a bold vision of bioclimatic architecture. Their aim is to create a harmonious balance between occupant comfort and changing outdoor conditions. These ingenious structures adapt in real time, ensuring a comfortable outdoor space, whatever the weather conditions. The BIOSSUN® bioclimatic philosophy transcends the simple concept of shelter to become a harmonious extension of your living space, offering an exceptional outdoor experience all year round.

Always on the lookout for innovation, BIOSSUN has recently broadened its design scope with two revolutionary products. Firstly, the Bio PM pergola, a perfect fusion of the traditional awning and the aluminium pergola. This innovative creation offers unrivalled flexibility, transforming any outdoor space into a haven of comfort and elegance. Then there's the Bio KD awning, specially designed to cover large areas of terrace thanks to the modularity of its units. It cleverly combines functionality and design to meet the needs of any homeowner wanting to redefine their outdoor space with style and ingenuity.

Night pergola with white LED strips
Performance of an evening under a bioclimatic pergola with Biossun lighting