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Are any administrative authorisations required?

Are any administrative authorisations required?

When considering installing a bioclimatic pergola, it's important to check local planning regulations. In some areas, you may need to obtain prior planning permission before installing this type of solar protection. In the case of joint ownership, you will need to obtain the agreement of a majority of your neighbours at the general meeting.

The application for prior declaration of works may require information such as detailed plans of the pergola, descriptions of the materials used, load calculations and other relevant documents. It is recommended that you use the services of an architect or qualified professional to assist you in this process and ensure that your application complies with the requirements.

All our distribution partners can advise you on how to make the process easier.

Bioclimatic pergolas are available in a variety of colours to suit individual tastes and styles. Here are some of the colours commonly available for bioclimatic pergolas:

White: White is a classic, timeless choice. It adds a touch of brightness and blends easily into any environment.
Grey: Shades of grey are popular because they offer a modern, elegant look. From light grey to anthracite grey, these shades blend well with different architectural styles.
Black: Black lends a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic. It creates a strong contrast and can highlight other design elements in your outdoor space.
Beige or sand: These warm, neutral shades blend harmoniously into natural environments and work well with materials such as wood or stone.
Dark green or olive green: These shades of green add a touch of freshness and go well with lush gardens or natural landscapes.
Blue: Blue is a less common option, but it can add a refreshing atmosphere and is reminiscent of the ocean or sky.
If you have any questions about local planning regulations or the colours available for bioclimatic pergolas, please don't hesitate to contact your distributor.