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Contemporary and design pergola by BIOSSUN

Contemporary and design pergola by BIOSSUN

Looking for a contemporary pergola? Opt for the bioclimatic one!

While the awning market is currently in decline, the pergola market is clearly growing. Very recent on the market, the contemporary bioclimatic pergola is perfectly in line with the new demands of consumers.

What is a bioclimatic design pergola?

Bioclimatic architecture offers its occupants a balance between living, comfort and climatic conditions in order to better control their individual heating and ventilation needs.
A bioclimatic building is a structure in which heating and ventilation are obtained by making the most of solar radiation and natural air circulation.

Biossun's bioclimatic design pergolas therefore reduce energy requirements, regulate and maintain a pleasant temperature level, control humidity levels and promote natural lighting.

Biossun contemporary pergola: comfort, aesthetics, ecology...

Aimed at both private individuals and professionals (particularly those in the hotel and restaurant industry who wish to enhance their establishments and develop their exteriors), Biossun contemporary pergolas offer a new additional living space combining technology, comfort and respect for the environment.

Designed in aluminium, they are controlled electronically. It is possible to operate your contemporary pergola independently according to the weather, thanks to a rain and wind sensor!
Finally, made from recyclable materials, Biossun pergolas are used in the construction of high environmental quality (HEQ) and low energy consumption (BBC) buildings.

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