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These connected devices for bioclimatic pergolas make our lives easier

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These connected devices for bioclimatic pergolas

With the arrival of home automation, our daily lives have never seemed so simple and comfortable. Widely democratised today, it is not only reserved for technology enthusiasts, far from it! Present inside the house, as well as in outdoor spaces, it never ceases to seduce us.
How does home automation improve our daily lives and what are its advantages?
What connected objects make your home a smart home? Find out why this new type of equipment is so popular.

E-MOTION, the retractable and connected bioclimatic pergola

Home automation is not limited to the interior of your home. It also equips your outdoor spaces for even greater comfort.
For optimal well-being, Biossun has designed a bioclimatic retractable and connected pergola solution: the E-MOTION pergola, an innovative patented solution. This new generation pergola model can be installed on your terrace, in your garden and even by your pool! E-MOTION combines comfort and ease of use. Wherever you are, you can control it from your smartphone or tablet. You have complete control over the configuration of your retractable pergola with remote management.
Is the weather forecast to change? Adjust the position of the slats of your connected pergola as you wish, in a single gesture. So that you can use E-MOTION in optimal conditions, our team of Biossun experts will accompany you, guide you and answer all your questions. Remote diagnostics and remote updates are also part of our mission.

Take advantage of all the benefits of connected outdoor equipment!

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These connected devices for bioclimatic pergolas make our lives easier

Home automation for a simpler, safer and more comfortable everyday life

Are you curious about home automation? Would you like to know more about it? Home automation solutions equip our homes to make them connected, in other words intelligent. The devices offer a new experience of comfort (opening of windows, for example) and security (detection of intrusions, leaks, etc.) in the home. Daily life is made easier. Savings are also possible with energy management. Connected objects can prevent certain malfunctions and avoid unnecessary expenses.
The advantage of home automation is that it adapts to your lifestyle.

Which devices for a connected home?

The experience of comfort - and even security, depending on the equipment concerned - is found everywhere in the home. Whether you are building a new house or flat, renovating or renovating an existing home, home automation has a place today. Every area of daily life is concerned. Among the connected objects that simplify our lives, some can be set up directly by the user, while others require the intervention of professionals.
A home automation system can bring together connected equipment such as intelligent household appliances, heating, opening systems (motorisation of shutters, gates, etc.), lighting or even outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, watering systems, pergolas, etc. Whether indoors or outdoors, the comfort and security provided by home automation can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Biossun S-shaped or flat-bottomed slats for bioclimatic pergolas