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How to choose the size of your pergola? - Biossun

How to choose the size of your pergola? - Biossu

Choosing the size of your pergola: criteria to consider

We advise you to consider several criteria when choosing the size of your pergola. The size of your pergola should be adapted to your terrain, the use you intend to make of your structure and your budget. Here are the points to analyze.

Available space

Calculate the length and width of your terrace to choose the right pergola dimensions. The height of the posts must also be carefully calculated, especially if your pergola is to be attached to the front of your house.

The space to be covered

Your pergola needs to be large enough to shade the space you have planned. Calculate the space occupied by your garden furniture and anything else you wish to install under your shelter to help you choose the right size for your pergola.

The size of your home

You'll need to measure the walls of your house if you opt for a lean-to pergola, as it will rest against them on one side. You should also ensure that the dimensions of your pergola are in harmony with your house. A very large pergola placed next to a small house is not very aesthetically pleasing. The reverse is also true.

Intended use

Your pergola can be quite small if you just want to use it to protect yourself from the sun during meals, and there aren't many of you who want to take advantage of it. If you want to shelter from the rain and enjoy your pergola all year round, create a relaxation area, or if many of you spend time in your garden, choose a larger pergola.

The desired aesthetic

In addition to the choice of material (aluminum, steel, wood, PVC...), color and options, the dimensions of your pergola also have an impact on the final result. Make sure you choose dimensions that are in harmony with your home and the space you have available in your plot, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

Your budget

Generally speaking (with the same options, materials and brand), the larger your pergola, the more your project will cost. Take stock of your budget before you start, so you can choose a pergola size that suits your finances.

The desired steps

To install a pergola with a surface area of over 5 m², you'll need to submit a preliminary building declaration to your local town planning office. Projects larger than 20 m² require a building permit. These are standard procedures, but can be long and complex in some areas. Find out all you can before you buy your pergola, so you don't get stuck in the middle of your landscaping project.

What size pergola should I choose?

You've got it: it all depends on your needs. Take your measurements carefully and compare the different pergola sizes to make the right choice and get a project tailored to your needs and desires. Biossun offers pergolas in all sizes. Our pergolas can be up to 3 meters high, with a maximum span of 5.5 meters, depending on the model chosen. However, we can also meet any special requirements, as we offer customized pergolas. Contact us to bring your project to life, whether you're looking for a 3x4, 3x3, 4x5 pergola... we'll study your requirements and offer you solutions tailored to your needs and desires.