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How to choose your pergola?

How to choose your pergola?

First of all, you need to define the space to be covered (number of m2, against the facade or as an island in the garden). Then choose the material best suited to the desired function. Biossun aluminium bioclimatic pergolas are easy to maintain, ideal for long-term projects and adaptable to all types of architecture. Finally, select the type of protection you want: adjustable slats (in the open position for natural ventilation, in the closed position for effective protection from the elements). Professional advice is essential to create a customised, personalised outdoor space. Open to the outside, but offering shelter from the sun's rays, the rain and possibly prying eyes, the pergola is a place for relaxation and conviviality. It can be installed on a terrace or in the garden, where you can relax on a deckchair or have lunch or dinner with your family, creating a real outdoor space and adding a decorative touch.

Choosing a pergola based on your primary needs

Take the time to analyse your needs. Would you like to create a small shady area above your dining area? An enclosed space in your garden? Enjoy your terrace whatever the weather, all year round? The answers to these questions will help you choose between the different pergola models available to you.

Choosing a pergola according to its type

Pergolas can be freestanding or lean-to (island or facade). We offer bioclimatic pergolas that can be attached to the front of your house or installed independently. Back-to-back pergolas are practical, because they provide shade on the terrace as well as in the house. However, they are not suitable for all buildings. Freestanding pergolas, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere in your grounds. You can place them on your terrace or in the middle of your garden, to create a shady spot above garden furniture, a swimming pool or a spa.

Choosing a pergola based on the exposure of your house

This parameter has an impact on the future location of your pergola, as well as its configuration and dimensions. If you face due south and like shade, for example, it's best to choose a pergola with side awnings or removable covers that can close on one or more sides.

Choosing a pergola based on the surface area to be covered

Your pergola needs to be large enough to shelter you from the sun and the elements. We recommend that you take several factors into account when choosing the size of your pergola:
The size of your garden furniture and the furniture you wish to install under your pergola.
The number of people who will be using it on a daily basis.
The surface area of your garden: your pergola needs to be practical. If you want to keep part of your garden exposed to the sun, don't opt for a pergola that's too large.
There's one thing you need to remember: pergolas with a floor area of more than 5 m² cannot be installed without permission. If you are planning to install a fixed pergola measuring more than 5 m² but less than 20 m², you will need to submit a works declaration beforehand. For larger projects, you need to apply to the local council for planning permission.

Choosing the right options

We offer a number of practical options for your pergola. Our side awnings, for example, are ideal for protecting the inside of your pergola from the wind. Our pergolas can be motorised, so you can operate them using a smartphone or remote control. We also offer a range of other options, such as LED lighting and recessed sockets. All our pergolas have an intelligent roof, which closes automatically in bad weather. There are many advantages to having a structure with such a roof, especially in regions where the weather is capricious.

Choosing the look of your pergola

The appearance of pergolas is important for people who want a beautiful exterior. We advise you to choose the colour of your pergola and its appearance according to your layout and the look you want. Biossun, the specialist in bioclimatic pergolas, offers you no less than 350 colours and finishes for your pergolas.
Now you know how to choose a pergola. Browse our online catalogue to find the best pergola for your garden. We offer high-quality, long-lasting solutions to suit every need. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote or further information. Our advisers and technicians will help you choose your pergola and install it (installation can be carried out by us). Find out more about our products and our practical advice:
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