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How to clean the slats of your bioclimatic pergola?

How to clean the slats of your bioclimatic pergola?

The aluminium structure of Biossun bioclimatic pergolas can be cleaned with clear water or with a mild soap (such as washing-up liquid). For a perfect result, wiping is recommended.

Do not use thinners such as acetone or trichloroethylene, bleach or abrasive powder products.

Do not use high pressure cleaners above 100 bar.

If your pergola is exposed to the more corrosive sea air, it is advisable to rinse it regularly with clean water to eliminate salt deposits.

Depending on the location of the installation, the recommendations are :

- 2 times a year, for installations in rural areas,

- 3 times a year, for installations in industrial or urban areas,

- 4 times a year for installations in a maritime environment.

From time to time, even a simple rinse with water from a garden hose outside the pergola will dilute and remove chemical deposits and other residues that settle in corners and edges.

Regularly check the gutters for clutter (dead leaves, twigs, etc.), especially in autumn and winter. Unblock and clean rainwater drainage holes in case of obstruction. (At least twice a year).

Do not carry out any welding, grinding or metal cutting work near the structures (significant risk of damage to the profiles).

The optics of the spotlights and wall lights, as well as the strip lights, can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or wipe.

Do not spray liquids directly onto the optics of spotlights or wall lights.

Cleaning of accessories

Glazing: the sliding rails must be cleaned in order to remove gravel and other elements that may be lodged in them, to preserve the smooth running of the sliding system and to avoid premature wear.