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How to choose the colour of your pergola?

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How to choose the colour of your pergola?

The creation of outdoor and indoor spaces is not a matter of chance. For a harmonious balance with your environment, design, materials, volumes and colours play a major role in any project.

The creation of interior and exterior spaces is not a matter of chance

The perfect match for your environment

Set against your contemporary house, on the terrace of your beautiful flat, in the heart of your garden or by your swimming pool, the bioclimatic pergola is an outdoor space in its own right. Its design and colour are undoubtedly elegant and refined.
The choice of the colour of the pergola must be judicious in order to maintain total harmony with your home. To do this, it is essential to take into account the characteristics of your property such as

- the colour of the walls of your house or flat
- the colour of the slabs bordering your swimming pool
- the colour of the materials making up the terrace
- the different tones of the flowers, plants and shrubs in your garden
- etc.

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Biossun customisation for the colour of your pergola

Opting for a Biossun bioclimatic pergola model means having the luxury of being able to choose the perfect shade from among the 350 colours available (for the structure as well as for the slats).

Would you like to create an outdoor space that reflects your image, in keeping with the style of your house or flat? Each pergola colour is designed to meet everyone's expectations.
To perfect your cocooning space, the conviviality and well-being that reign there, you have the possibility of decorating it with white or RGB 8 colour LED lighting.

Choose the lighting atmosphere according to your desires of the moment!