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Need ideas for your terrace? Biossun's inspiring projects!

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Need ideas for designing your terrace?

A living space in its own right, the pergola offers you a thousand and one possibilities to design your terrace according to your wishes and needs. Always unique and made-to-measure, it combines design and technology for optimum comfort and well-being at any time of the year. Looking for inspiration for the design of your terrace? BIOSSUN can help you make your outdoor environment an exceptional place.

Biossun bioclimatic pergola Bourgoin Jallieu front view with exterior decoration

An intimate space for your spa

Enjoy your reading and relaxing moments in a different way, receive your family and friends in a space where it is good to savour every moment spent together. In summer as well as in winter, your terrace becomes the place for all the pleasures to be shared. The installation of the pergola makes it a sophisticated living and resting space. The sun invites itself there, bringing a welcome warmth during the cooler days of the year. Just as in the summer, coolness and shade can be controlled by the retractable slats. This gives you the freedom to arrange it as you wish, so that you can enjoy it all year round.

A cocooning outdoor living room

Enhance your terrace with the installation of a bioclimatic pergola. Designed in your image, in accordance with your wishes and needs, it blends into your environment, becoming a true extension of your house or flat, or even your hotel or restaurant. Combining design and innovation, it can be customised to create the outdoor space that suits you perfectly. It is easy to fit out. Whatever the atmosphere (country, cosy, retro, zen or contemporary), the pergola can accommodate your furniture, your cushions, your decorative elements and your plants with elegance and refinement. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, every meal becomes a warm and friendly moment whatever the time of year.

It is now time to combine new technologies with the benefits of nature. For optimal comfort and unequalled well-being, the bioclimatic pergola remains a safe bet. BIOSSUN revolutionises your daily life with a connected model. The Bluetooth remote control system or smartphone allows you to control your pergola as you wish, at any time. Depending on the weather, your desire to fully enjoy the sun or cooler moments, the new technology meets all your expectations. As refined as ever, embellished with vegetation and trendy decorative accessories, your outdoor space becomes the centre of attention.

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A place to relax by the pool

What if the time spent around your pool was as exceptional as the time spent in your beautiful lagoon? The pergola invites itself as close as possible to your aquatic space for even more comfort and well-being. A real favourite place, the pool is always the promise of magical moments. The pergola dresses it up in an elegant way, placing it at the centre of all the attention. A refined relaxation area takes shape, like a masterpiece in your living room. The pergola offers you the possibility of a play of light and shade, allowing you to manage the coolness according to your wishes.