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Personalise your exterior with a carpet under your pergola

Bioclimatic pergola, in-depth view from below with carpet and decorations

Always higher, always more beautiful...

The outdoor world boasts some very trendy accessories that make it more and more unique. Today, the outdoor rug is the essential decorative touch.

Today, the outdoor rug is the essential decorative touch. It allows you to personalise the space under the pergola by combining harmoniously with the rest of the furniture and accessories. Very trendy, it is available in many models designed to suit everyone's taste and all environments.

A selection of outdoor rugs for a personalized outdoor

No matter what kind of atmosphere you have chosen for your pergola, an outdoor rug is bound to match it. The collections surprise with their originality, their colours and their shapes. Do you appreciate the timeless style?

Do you prefer a bohemian or country style?

Square, rectangular, oval or round, the outdoor rugs satisfy every desire. The different models are designed to elegantly cover the space under your pergola while offering the necessary resistance for outdoor use. The wide variety of outdoor mats means that they can be adapted to any environment. You can choose from flat woven polypropylene mats (very water resistant), PVC or vinyl woven mats, or plant fibre mats.

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Rely on the outdoor carpet to personalise and enhance your pergola area

Would you like to give your outdoor space a more personal touch?

Invite the outdoor carpet under your pergola!

When the weather is fine, you'll feel the need to perfect your outdoor décor. Adding a refined and sophisticated touch is always a good idea. A rug can enhance your living space. Depending on its shape, its colours and its material, this element gives a whole new dimension to your furniture and decorating accessories. The outdoor carpet judiciously defines the area, bringing an additional elegance to the whole of your outdoor layout.

And for a pergola space that is totally your own?

You have chosen a pergola according to your preferences, a bioclimatic pergola made to measure, in perfect harmony with your home and your environment. Carefully selected furniture and now an outdoor carpet take their place in this privileged space where a softness of life reigns without equal. To go further, think of combining new accessories with those already present for a pergola space that is totally in your image. The current outdoor trend? Play with the colours of decorative objects (cushions, hanging baskets, statuettes, etc.), create a play of light with candles and garlands, or even integrate a touch of nature into your pergola area (bouquets, miniature potted plants, etc.).

Customised to your tastes and desires, the space under the pergola is just waiting for you! Comfortably installed, you will appreciate your outdoor environment thus highlighted.

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