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Over 350 pergola colours available

Over 350 pergola colours available

Biossun bioclimatic pergolas are available in over 300 different standard colors and finishes.

You'll find the shade that best matches the color of your floor and facade.

You can also combine different colors.

One of the most interesting aspects of bioclimatic pergolas is their ability to create different shades to suit individual needs and preferences. These shades can be modulated to offer protection from intense sunlight, while still allowing a certain amount of natural light.
In terms of shades, bioclimatic pergolas can be available in a range of different colors to match the style and design of your outdoor space. The most common shades are generally neutral tones such as white, grey or black, which blend easily into any environment. However, it's also possible to choose bolder, brighter shades to bring a touch of personality and character to your outdoor space.

Additional accessories can also be added to create different shades. For example, vertical drop awnings can be attached to the sides of the pergola to offer extra protection from the sun and create a more intimate atmosphere. These vertical drop awnings are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to further personalize the appearance of your pergola.
Bioclimatic pergola shades are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also play an important functional role. By controlling the amount of light and shade, you can create a comfortable and pleasant outdoor environment, whether for relaxing, entertaining guests or even working.
In conclusion, bioclimatic pergola shades offer a variety of options for personalizing your outdoor space. Whether you prefer neutral tones or bright colors, there are endless possibilities for creating the ambience you desire. Remember to consider both aesthetics and functionality when choosing the shades that best suit your needs and style.