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Are you looking for a terrace shelter? Choose one of our pergolas!

Biossun is a major player in the field of bioclimatic pergolas. These new-generation terrace covers offer unlimited possibilities in terms of functionality and customisation of your terrace.

Why choose a Biossun pergola?

A Biossun pergola is more than just a terrace shelter. Our different models offer perfect living comfort, and can be adapted to suit individual tastes. Heat and ventilation levels are easily adjusted thanks to the motorized slats fitted to our aluminum pergolas.

What's more, Biossun bioclimatic pergolas are in perfect harmony with nature. They help you reduce your energy needs by naturally regulating the temperature of your home and terrace according to natural lighting and, more generally, the weather.
Last but not least, our pergolas are made in France and all carry the 'Origine France garantie' label, so you can be sure you're buying a quality product that meets exacting standards.

Aluminum pergolas

Biossun offers a complete range of aluminum bioclimatic pergolas to shelter your terrace or garden. With their innovative, elegant design, they can be installed free-standing or against the wall of your home. Available in a wide range of finishes and colors, our different models can be customized to suit your aesthetic preferences.
Thanks to the timeless characteristics of aluminum, our pergolas look like new for many years. This high-quality material is highly resistant to weathering and UV over the long term.
Our aluminum shelters are also easy to maintain. Cleaning with soapy water two or three times a year is all that's needed to keep the aluminum structure and roof looking its best.

Canvas pergola

Enjoy a relaxing space in your garden with the new Bio PM pergola from Biossun. Made from high-quality materials, our canvas pergola is ideal for year-round shelter. The acrylic canvas protects you from the heat in midsummer, thanks to its thermal properties. And the aluminum frame resists corrosion over the seasons.

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Why choose a Biossun awning?

A Biossun awning offers a number of advantages for protecting your terrace. Unfolded, it provides a shaded outdoor space, making it more pleasant during the hottest hours. By blocking the sun's intensity, it also cools the temperature of your adjoining room and protects your furniture from UV rays.

Our Bio KD awning features an electric mechanism for opening and closing the fabric. Easy to use, you can control it remotely via our Somfy remote control. Equipped with a rain sensor option, our awning folds automatically in the event of rain.

Why choose a Biossun carport?

Would you like to protect your car from the elements? Discover our Biossun carport. Made of aluminum with a fixed roof, this carport protects your car from frost, rain, sun and snow all year round. Designed to your specific dimensions and requirements, our carport allows you to maneuver your vehicle with complete peace of mind.

Take advantage of our made-to-measure service with the many features of our carports. LED lighting with motion detector makes parking easier at night. And a recessed socket in the aluminum post lets you plug in your gardening equipment.

From the terrace shelter to the Biossun bioclimatic pergola

Biossun offers solutions for both private and professional terraces. Our made-to-measure pergolas are equally suited to seaside restaurants, high mountain resorts or even retirement homes.
Whether you're a private individual or a professional, Biossun takes a 4-step approach to installing a bioclimatic pergola.

First of all, we carry out a diagnosis and estimate for your terrace shelter project.
Next, we carry out a technical study, which involves taking measurements, assessing the connections to be made... all with the aim of advising you on the pergola model best suited to your needs and dimensions.
The next step is to install your chosen bioclimatic pergola. Our expert teams will carry out the installation as quickly as possible and in the best possible conditions.

The final stage is the handover. Biossun will provide you with an acceptance report and explain the principles of the ten-year warranty.