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Biossun bioclimatic aluminium pergola

Biossun bioclimatic aluminium pergola

What are the advantages of an aluminium pergola?

> With their bioclimatic architecture and motorised adjustable slats, Biossun aluminium pergolas allow natural temperature regulation in all seasons and protect against heat, wind and bad weather.

> The aluminium pergolas are controlled electronically. The Biossun aluminium pergolas can be controlled electronically and can be operated independently according to the weather, thanks to a rain and wind sensor.

> Biossun pergolas offer you an additional living space all year round, combining comfort, ecology and technology.

A rainwater collection system integrated into the structure!
Thanks to the curved "S" shape of the slats and a water drainage system via the gutters and posts, our aluminium pergolas are also the ideal solution for discreet rainwater collection.

Respect for the environment at the heart of Biossun aluminium pergolas

With a wide range of colours and material effects (glossy, frosted matt, sanded, fine grained, wood colours, etc.), your bioclimatic aluminium pergola will blend in with all spaces, whatever their architecture or environment.
spaces, whatever their architecture or environment.

Made from 98% recyclable materials and offering natural ventilation that avoids the greenhouse effect, bioclimatic aluminium pergolas are perfectly in line with current consumer trends that aim to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible (HQE, BBC, etc.).