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The bioclimatic pergola, a real additional living space

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The bioclimatic pergola, a real additional living space

Do you want more space and to extend the comfort of your home or your restaurant and hotel to the outside? The success of the bioclimatic pergola in creating a convivial and unique place is no longer in question. Designed and conceived in your image, the pergola represents a real additional living space that can be fitted out in perfect harmony with your environment. What if you were to enhance your exterior by combining space, comfort and conviviality?

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A different way of living

The bioclimatic pergola opens the door to a new way of living, whether it is attached to your house, installed in your garden, near your swimming pool or used to house your outdoor jacuzzi and spa. It is particularly popular for its use in all seasons and whatever the weather conditions.
What a pleasure it is to be able to share moments of happiness with family and friends in your outdoor room at any time of the year. Your personalised design not only gives you more living space, but also allows you to enjoy your surroundings to the full. Live outside while enjoying the comfort of an indoor room!

A unique and 100% comfortable outdoor space for your customers

Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel or a bed and breakfast, you can offer your customers unparalleled comfort with an extra space. Made to measure, its design adapts perfectly to each environment, in the city centre, in the mountains or in the countryside.

The bioclimatic pergola creates a warm and friendly place where your guests can enjoy many advantages. This additional room outside your establishment allows you to benefit from the sun's warmth at any time of the year and controlled light at any time of the day. Thanks to the adjustable slats per zone, the glass walls, the mobile blinds or the lighting, your terrace, your swimming pool or even your patio are undeniably enhanced.

With a trendy and chic bioclimatic pergola, you can create a real additional living space, unique and convivial, adapted to your activity!

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A space that reflects your image

Treat yourself to the luxury of an additional living space designed according to your wishes. The aluminium pergola, particularly the models signed BIOSSUN, allow you to create a new place where it is good to be with family and friends. Depending on your preferences and your needs, your outdoor design can be conceived as a winter lounge, a place of relaxation synonymous with optimal well-being, or as the intimate and warm space you want by your pool or in your garden.

You are in control of the choice of colours, materials, pergola accessories, lighting, decoration, etc., making this additional living space a unique, almost magical place, in perfect harmony with your expectations. Depending on where you choose to create this space and what you want, don't hesitate to add a trendy, chic, contemporary, country or even vintage touch, with carefully chosen furniture, decoration and plants.

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