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Bioclimatic pergola with awning: Renovate your terrace!

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Adding blinds to your bioclimatic pergola

Who doesn't dream of being able to enjoy their terrace all year round, 365 days a year? The bioclimatic pergola offers you this possibility thanks to its adjustable slats which allow you to take full advantage of the weather conditions without worrying about the wind or the insistent sun. Today, let's recall the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola on a terrace and the usefulness of adding an awning to it.

Advantages of a bioclimatic terrace pergola

Having a terrace is always a plus for a home, but we are often forced to go indoors when it is unbearably hot or cold outside.
With a bioclimatic pergola, this is a thing of the past. Equipped with adjustable louvres, you can regulate the amount of sunlight, with the possibility of creating ventilation to bring a little coolness or, on the contrary, a little warmth.
A pergola with adjustable or fabric louvres also regulates the temperature of the adjoining room. Placed against the wall of the house, the aluminium structure protects against the cold in winter. And the motorised louvres or fabric provide shade in summer. A real alternative to heating and air conditioning, the bioclimatic pergola saves energy.
You can complete your pergola with accessories to automate it or create scenarios to personalise your experience. The incorporation of LED strips creates a unique and warm atmosphere. Recessed sockets in the poles allow you to enjoy all your connected objects at your fingertips. From the choice of colour to the smallest detail, you will have a bioclimatic pergola to suit you.
An aluminium pergola adapts to any architectural style. Whether you are building a modern house or an old one, the frame adds a touch of style and elegance to your garden. Installed on the balcony or near the pool, it provides shelter all year round.

Bioclimatic pergola - Archamps project - Biossun - A StellaGroup Company
Bioclimatic pergola - Romaneche Thorins - Biossun - A StellaGroup Company

What is the purpose of a blind?

Does the idea of installing a pergola appeal to you? But one question remains: how can you make the most of your bioclimatic pergola and terrace when it's windy or even raining?
Using awnings to close off your pergola will allow you to enjoy your outdoors even more, because they have a number of advantages:
The first advantage is that they shelter you from the weather: sun, rain, wind and so on.

Secondly, you can hide away from prying eyes from outside. On a terrace, you can simply have a barbecue with friends or family, but you can also put in a jacuzzi and want to be protected.

And finally, awnings provide optimum insulation for your pergola. Our manufacturing plant follows a specific process to ensure that they keep out the heat. So you can enjoy a cool place in the middle of summer to have lunch with friends or family.

That's why it's so important to choose the right closure system for your pergola, so that you get a quality product that suits the purpose for which it will be used. At Biossun, we offer a complete range of enclosure solutions to meet your expectations and your future project.

Zipsun blinds by Biossun

Zipsun awnings are a real enclosure solution for your bioclimatic pergola. As mentioned above, they will protect you from the sun, bad weather and prying eyes to create a place that lives up to your expectations.
The great advantage of side blinds for bioclimatic pergolas is that they allow you to choose which side you want to lower, so you get maximum protection that's always in line with your wishes.
What you need to know about Zipsun awnings is that they are highly resistant to gusts of wind thanks to their vertical drop and zipped side guides, combined with a PVC-coated fibreglass fabric. Made from specially treated fabric, it provides excellent protection against the sun.
The awning can be opened and closed using a multifunction remote control. The awning is also equipped with an obstacle sensor. This device enables the fabric to stop automatically if there is any resistance. This prevents any damage to the blind as it descends.
The material used for side blinds makes them easy to maintain. What's more, they come in 33 colours to match your bioclimatic pergola and outdoor architecture perfectly.

Available made-to-measure, Zipsun awnings can be adapted to the dimensions of your pergola. The various models in our range are easy to fit and are highly resistant to tensioning, making them extremely durable.
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