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Bioclimatic metal pergola by BIOSSUN

Bioclimatic metal pergola by BIOSSUN

Are you looking for a metal pergola?

As a pergola manufacturer, Biossun offers designer metal pergolas based on bioclimatic principles and using materials that are not harmful to the environment or to people.

The Biossun metal pergola and ecological issues

The Biossun bioclimatic pergola concept responds perfectly to current ecological issues. And while innovation and respect for the environment are at the heart of the production process, the Biossun metal pergola also benefits from impeccable manufacturing quality.

Biossun bioclimatic metal pergola: a solution with multiple advantages

An ideal alternative to the veranda and the outdoor blind, the installation of a bioclimatic metal pergola offers many advantages:

>>> A new additional living space combining technology, comfort and respect for the environment.

>>> By making the most of the sun's rays and the natural circulation of air, the heat and ventilation needs of each person are better controlled.
>>> Biossun pergolas can be rotated up to 175° and have three different positions: maximum opening, against the sun and total closure.

>>> The Biossun pergolas are controlled electronically. It is possible to operate the sunshades independently according to the weather, thanks to a rain and wind sensor.