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A pergola on a house or flat roof

Where to install a bioclimatic pergola?

Are you looking to invest in a bioclimatic pergola and wondering where to install it? Don't know where the best spot is for your pergola? What configuration should you choose to make the most of your pergola and enhance your outside space? There are a number of possibilities. For example, you can install your pergola in your garden, against your house or on a roof terrace. Discover all our tips for finding the best place to install your bioclimatic pergola.
Installing your pergola against your house
A pergola that backs onto your house has two posts. Its upper section is fixed directly against the wall of your house. This type of installation is very aesthetic, with your pergola forming an extension of your house and adding character to it. You can move easily between inside and outside, without being exposed to the elements. Your pergola protects you from the rain and the sun. This type of structure protects you from the wind, rainwater and all the elements.

It provides shade not only on your terrace, but also in your home, which is a considerable asset. The motorised slats of your pergola let natural light into your home, but protect the room adjoining your structure from excessive heat. It's also a solution that prevents water from splashing on the windows... and means less time spent on cleaning. As you can see, the lean-to pergola has many advantages. You can also fit it with practical options, such as LED lighting or power sockets. Side awnings are also useful for protecting you from prying eyes and the sun. When they are lowered, your space is partitioned and your bioclimatic pergola almost forms a room in its own right.
Installing your pergola in your garden
You can reinvent your space and add character to your garden by installing your pergola in your garden. Freestanding models are installed in an island, completely separate from your house. Freestanding pergolas do not rest on a wall or facade: they have 4 legs, so you can install them wherever you like. So you can choose to create a dining or sitting area right in the middle of your garden. This solution is often chosen by pool or spa owners who want to create a cocooning area sheltered from the sun around their water feature. In all cases, the self-supporting pergola is the ideal solution.

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A pergola on a house or flat roof

The terrace, a privileged place in the house and flat... Offering a view on your green garden or on the whole city for the roof terrace, it can easily be transformed into a unique living space. Do you dream of enjoying your exterior whatever the season, of taking full advantage of all its benefits? Installing a pergola gives you all this and more. A simple and quick installation to make your dream come true!

Reinvent your roof terrace with a pergola

What if your outdoor space became synonymous with freedom?

With a removable roof for your terrace, your relaxation area, play area, convivial place for your meals, looks like being 100% comfortable and a source of pleasure. Because the sun's rays and the heat can sometimes be unbearable, the need to fit out your space becomes unavoidable. The installation of a pergola on your roof terrace will allow you to create a shady little corner of paradise while keeping the sunshine under control. A play of light and shade, ventilation and coolness, enjoy comfort and well-being at all times.

The pergola, the art of living outside differently!

A real made-to-measure bioclimatic solution, an aluminium pergola has many advantages:

  • It provides protection from the elements,

  • It preserves your privacy,

  • It lets you enjoy an outdoor space all year round,

  • It regulates the temperature of the adjoining room,

  • It's easy to install and doesn't require extensive work,

  • It comes in a wide range of colours and finishes for a unique design.

What's more, the pergola's adjustable slats provide natural ventilation. This prevents the greenhouse effect under the pergola, unlike polycarbonate roofs.

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How do you install an aluminium pergola on a roof terrace?

The best way to install an aluminium pergola on your roof terrace is to lean it against the wall of your home. Supported by a fixing beam, it is an extension of your living room or kitchen. Two posts aimed at the ground complete the aluminium structure of the pergola.
Biossun also has a solution for those who can't drill a hole in their roof. Attached to the posts of your pergola, we offer a fixed planter. Decorated with your most beautiful plants and weighted down with a mixture of sand and gravel, it stabilises your pergola.
Benefit from a full technical study of your future pergola. Our approved Biossun partners offer their expertise to help you realise your project. An experienced professional will come to your home to assess the technical constraints of your roof. He or she will then send you an estimate of the cost of the work. Take advantage of a top-of-the-range service to install a made-to-measure pergola on your roof terrace.

Which pergola model for a roof terrace?

Often sheltered from the wind, or even facing south, the terrace is thought of as a space in its own right where life is good. However, the sun and bad weather can limit the enjoyment of your terrace.
Which pergola should you choose for a flat or house roof terrace? For unequalled comfort in all seasons, choose a bioclimatic pergola.

Biossun designs custom-made models, a source of innovation. The design, elegance and comfort are all there and always in line with your expectations.
The bioclimatic pergola has retractable and adjustable slats per zone. This makes it a removable roof for a pleasant terrace at any time of the day. The natural ventilation avoids the inconvenience of high temperatures and regulates the indoor temperature. The retractable roof also protects against the weather.
The 350 colours of the Biossun range allow you to design your exterior in perfect harmony with your house or flat. Designed as a retractable roof for a terrace, the bioclimatic pergola offers many possibilities for accessorising:

- The ZIPSUN awning, a high-quality fabric, provides protection from the sun and preserves natural light.
- The claustra, an elegant aluminium privacy screen, matches the colour of your pergola. You'll have complete control over the sun's rays.
- The sliding glass panels, made from top-of-the-range glass, fit perfectly into the frame of the pergola. Totally transparent, they provide a 360° panoramic view of the outside.
- The rain sensor, like the anemometer, has an automatic activation system that closes the slats.
- RGB or white LED strip lighting creates a luminous ambience, highlighting the beautiful lines of your pergola. The moments spent in your new space of freedom are all the more comfortable and magical!
Biossun bioclimatic pergolas are made in France from 98% primary aluminium, a fully recyclable material. Their design complies with specifications that meet the construction standards for high quality (HQE) and low energy (BBC) buildings.

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Enhance your bioclimatic pergola

Once your terrace has been laid out, create a world of your own by enhancing your pergola. Play with colours by opting for flower boxes, exotic plants and small shrubs suited to your region's climate. And don't forget to decorate your furniture with cushions to match your chosen décor. Country, bohemian, cosy, zen, you name it.

You now know all the options available to you when it comes to choosing the location for your pergola. You know where to install your bioclimatic pergola, depending on the type of pergola you've chosen. Choose its location according to how you want to use it, the space you have available and the aesthetic appeal you want. Browse our catalogue for a classic or more innovative pergola. Biossun makes it a point of honour to offer you high-quality pergolas equipped with the latest technology. For example, you can opt for a pergola with LED lighting incorporated into the roof slats, or a pergola equipped with power sockets. Our outdoor structures are practical, durable and extremely comfortable to use. What's more, you can choose from hundreds of colours and finishes for your pergola, to match your taste and garden décor. Want to find out more? Want some advice or design ideas? Discover all our aluminium pergolas and our practical advice packs:

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