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Biossun's bioclimatic systems allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for a longer period of time.
This unique and avant-garde concept of outdoor protection naturally regulates the temperature of your terrace and your house while protecting you from bad weather or the sun.

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The advantages of Biossun custom-made pergolas

> Pergola with motorised slats

Biossun made-to-measure pergolas have movable, motorised slats that can be adjusted through 175°. Automated slats make it easy to control the amount of natural light or shade under your shelter. From your smartphone, you can create an atmosphere tailored to your needs and preferences with a single click. You can also use a remote control to operate the motorised slats.

>Canvas pergola 

A new Biossun pergola, the Bio PM with retractable cover is a model in its own right. Fully motorised, the cover slides along guide rails to let the sun shine in or to protect you from it. Installed on a sturdy aluminium frame, the cover has anti-uv properties. 

The Bio PM pergola can also cover an area of up to 60m², thanks to its multiple units. Designed using top-of-the-range materials, the Bio PM pergola offers a host of benefits to add character to your outdoor terrace.

> Integrated weather station

The slats of Biossun pergolas adapt automatically to the weather using climate sensors. 

The rain sensor closes the slats automatically if it rains. A heating system built into the sensor eliminates surface water droplets to prevent the formation of frost.

The wind sensor opens the slats in the event of gusts exceeding 50 km/h. This protects your bioclimatic aluminium pergola from damage in extreme winds.

However, the slats can be operated manually using a remote control.

> Easy maintenance

The Biossun aluminium pergola is easy to clean with water and mild soap. Wiping with a soft cloth is highly recommended for best results. You can also opt for a lighter wash by rinsing the structure and slats with a hose.

We still recommend cleaning your aluminium patio roof thoroughly about twice a year. This frequency can rise to 4 times for a pergola exposed to a salty or polluted atmosphere. 

The use of expensive abrasive products such as acetone or trichloroethylene is not recommended. Bleach should also be avoided to remove residues. 

Because the slats pivot through 176°, you don't need to climb onto the structure of your pergola to wash it. 

> Temperature regulation inside the pergola

Natural air conditioning without greenhouse effects

Slightly open, the adjustable slats stop the protected area heating up by creating natural air ventilation. On hot summer days, they regulate the ambient temperature under your aluminium shelter. 

Indoor temperature control

Leaning against the wall of your house, the pergola brings thermal comfort to the adjoining room. The aluminium roof and structure catch the sun's rays to warm your living room in cold weather. And the shade created by the adjustable slats protects your living space from the heat in summer. This bioclimatic solution saves you energy all year round.

> Tailor-made equipment 

Like verandas, bioclimatic enclosures have side closure options to protect your terrace from the sun and wind. Transparent sliding glass can be integrated into the aluminium frame for an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Vertically lowering side awnings also provide aesthetic and functional insulation for your pergola.

Our various pergola models can also be fitted with LED lighting to create a warm atmosphere. LED spotlight strips light up your terrace or garden to extend your summer evenings. LED fascias highlight the design of your bioclimatic pergola.

Would you like a fixing solution for installing a pergola without drilling into the ground? Discover our ballasted planter. Attached to the posts of the structure, it is ideal for stabilising your bioclimatic terrace.

 > Perfect integration

Biossun made-to-measure bioclimatic pergolas fit in with any style of home. Made from high-quality aluminium, our pergolas add an elegant touch to both modern and old houses. Modular in width and length, aluminium can also be used to adapt the structure to specific exterior dimensions. 

A wide range of colours is available to match your pergola to your outdoor furniture. Biossun offers around 350 colours for the structure and slats, plus 50 architectural shades. Create a unique, designer terrace in your garden or by your pool.

Would you like a personalised online quote? Go to the "contact" page on our website. We'll also be happy to help you with your project. We'll answer all your questions, from installation to the specific features of our models and equipment.

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