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Biossun bioclimatic patio pergola

Biossun bioclimatic patio pergola

The advantages of a Biossun pergola for your patio

> The Biossun patio pergolas are the perfect alternative to verandas and awnings, offering you an additional living space all year round, combining comfort, ecology and technology.

> Made of 98% aluminium, the Biossun adjustable slats naturally regulate the temperature of your patio.

> They are controlled electronically and it is also possible to operate the sunshades independently according to the weather, thanks to a rain and wind sensor.

> The Biossun patio pergolas allow a great modularity for any style of house and climatic basin, in order to satisfy all the needs and expectations.

Biossun, the patio pergola expert

Through its network of dealers, Biossun manufactures and installs patio pergolas while guaranteeing their protection, aesthetics and comfort.

Beyond comfort and simple solar protection, aesthetics has become a fundamental element for consumers who place more and more importance on the design of their patio.