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Bioclimatic architecture

Bioclimatic architecture makes it possible to find the perfect balance between the comfort of its occupants and climatic conditions. By making the most of the sun's rays and the natural circulation of air, the heat and ventilation needs of each individual are better controlled.

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Enjoy 100% eco-designed comfort with bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable blades

Biossun's adjustable slat pergolas are made of 98% aluminium (a fully recyclable material). Manufactured according to an eco-citizen approach, our 100% French pergolas promote national know-how while controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

The advantages of Biossun slatted pergolas

Biossun adjustable-slat pergolas incorporate a station that allows them to adapt automatically to the weather. This automation of the slats by a home automation system brings undeniable comfort to users. The slats control :

  • Shade and light according to sun exposure,

  • Closing the slats in the event of rain

  • Opening the slats in high winds (over 50 km/h),

  • Natural ventilation of the air under the pergola to protect you from the greenhouse effect,
    the orientation of the slats to maintain a pleasant temperature in the adjoining room.
    The slats can also be operated manually using a remote control or the My Biossun app. These two ergonomic solutions control the motorised slats of your aluminium pergola with a single click.

> Durable
Our adjustable-slat pergolas are made from premium-grade aluminium. Robust and solid, this material withstands the elements all year round. What's more, aluminium is non-corrosive, making it more durable than other materials.

Automatic slat adjustment also contributes to the longevity of our pergolas. It reduces the risk of damage caused by incorrect manual handling.

> Easy maintenance
Biossun adjustable slat pergolas are easy to clean with water. The use of a mild soap is also recommended to remove all impurities. However, we do not recommend high-pressure cleaners or abrasive detergents such as acetone or bleach.
As the blades swivel through 175°, cleaning can be done from underneath. There's no need to climb onto the pergola structure.
Finally, rinse your pergola to remove any residue of the product used. Dry the structure and slats with a soft cloth.

> Made to measure
As living spaces in themselves, we make pergolas to measure according to your outdoor dimensions. Whether as an island in the heart of your garden or leaning against the wall of your house, our different models will meet all your needs.
A wide range of accessories can be added when the pergola is designed, or over time. For example, we offer closing solutions such as the Zipsun awning. Installed between two posts, this external awning is ideal for protecting you from prying eyes.
Our aluminium pergolas can also be customised in a wide range of colours, including anthracite grey, white and black.

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Your pergola with adjustable slats in 4 steps

1. The diagnosis
Biossun has a network of approved distributors throughout France. Responsive and competent, they are on hand to help you diagnose your project for installing bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats.

2. Technical study
You'll get the best recommendations from our partner, who will be able to guide you through the standard or made-to-measure range, to design the pergola with adjustable slats that will fit in perfectly with your home.

3. Installing the pergola
- Preparing and assembling the structure.
- Installing the motor.
- Fitting the adjustable slats.
- Electrical connection.
- Starting up and programming the weather station.

4. Site acceptance
Tests carried out by the approved Biossun distributor.
Acceptance report and ten-year guarantee.

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