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Protect your outdoor space or your car with a carport


Protect your outdoor space or your car with a carport

Versatile depending on the season, the Biossun Carport can be used to protect your vehicle in style or to shelter your outdoor furniture. It is also ideal for enjoying sunny lunches, protected from the elements. Customisable thanks to its many colours and architectural shades, it blends harmoniously with the architecture of your home.

What is the purpose of a Carport?

The Carport is a carport made up of an aluminium structure and slats. It allows you to protect your vehicle from bad weather and has many advantages. It limits frost and provides effective protection against snow, but also against the harmful effects of the sun's rays on your vehicle's paintwork.

The carport is also very comfortable because it does not only protect your car. When the weather is rainy, stormy or snowy, the carport allows you to get out of your car and stay dry. You'll soon be convinced of its effectiveness after returning from shopping or picking up the children from school in bad weather.

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Why choose a carport over a garage?

In contrast to a closed garage, the carport is very easy to access. With no door to open, your vehicle is directly and simply accessible. By opening and ventilating, the carport allows you to reduce the risks of condensation and corrosion that can be observed on your vehicle when it is parked in a badly ventilated garage.

The carport is extremely practical for those who use their vehicle very often. Parking your car or motorbike in the garage several times a day can sometimes be restrictive. With a carport, you have a dry and secure place to shelter your vehicle in complete peace of mind.

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The advantages of the aluminium carport compared to the wooden carport

The aluminium carport is easy to maintain. Very aesthetic, it will integrate perfectly with all architectures for a design and industrial aspect. The Biossun carport is the essential element to improve your exterior and minimize your maintenance. Unlike wood, which requires a lot of attention, aluminium is incredibly resistant.

The advantages of the Biossun Carport

The carport can be self-supporting or leaning against the façade depending on the characteristics of your exterior and your desires. The carport is versatile and can be used for many purposes: install it over your swimming pool to create a shady spot, over your spa for a comfortable place out of sight or install your summer kitchen to protect you from the sun and the strong summer heat.

Biossun offers aluminium carports in 350 colours and finishes, as well as 50 different architectural shades. You can also choose to install your carport as a single or double bay. Customise it with motion sensor or remote control lighting. Designed with fixed 300mm wide slats capable of supporting a weight of up to 195kg/m2, the carport will provide you with security and longevity so you can enjoy it all year round.