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The advantages of aluminium for the roof structure of your pergola

Aesthetic bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats

The advantages of aluminium for the roof of your pergola

Robust against the elements

An aluminium roof has a number of advantages when it comes to protecting your terrace from the sun and the elements. Firstly, it is highly resistant to rain, damp and temperature variations thanks to its anti-corrosion properties. Secondly, aluminium is light and flexible, making it less vulnerable to damage from extreme winds. Finally, this top-of-the-range material generally has a UV-resistant coating to prevent premature discolouration of your aluminium enclosure.

Easy maintenance

Aluminium structures require very little maintenance. Unlike wood, aluminium does not require any specific treatment against pests or fungi. You don't need to apply any special paint or varnish to keep your aluminium roof terrace looking its best.
We recommend cleaning the posts, gutters and all other parts of the shelter with soapy water about twice a year. We then recommend rinsing with clean water to remove any residue. Finally, dry the bioclimatic terrace thoroughly with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.
If you live in a salty or polluted environment, we even recommend washing your enclosure thoroughly up to 4 times a year. These environments are more likely to soil your aluminium pergola.

Design flexibility

Aluminium has technical characteristics that allow it to be shaped to different sizes and forms. So it's perfectly feasible to create a terrace roof whatever the size of your plot. This high-quality material can be adapted to your environment for a made-to-measure outdoor shelter.
Do you want a dark or light colour on your new pergola? Aluminium structures come in a range of beautiful finishes and colours for a distinctive, designer terrace.
You can also add accessories when you install your pergola. From side curtains to LED lighting and recessed 220 V sockets, the bioclimatic aluminium pergola can be adapted to your specific needs. So you can enjoy an outdoor living space that's completely customisable to your preferences and desires.


Aluminium pergola roof structures are durable and practical over the long term. Unlike PVC, aluminium doesn't crack or warp under the pressure of the sun's rays and high temperatures. Nor does it become brittle from continuous exposure to the vagaries of the weather, such as rain and wind. It guarantees a watertight cover for your terrace or garden for many years to come.
What's more, aluminium doesn't fade over time. It is rust-proof and not subject to pests such as insects. Aluminium is therefore an excellent ally for preserving the aesthetic appearance of your outdoor shelter, with minimal maintenance required.

What solutions are available for an aluminium terrace roof?

Adjustable slats

Fitting adjustable aluminium slats to a pergola is a functional and versatile solution. They can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the exposure of your shelter, making your outdoor space pleasant all year round.
The adjustable slats are easy to control. With one click, you can block out the sun's rays on the hottest days. Or, on the contrary, open the slats to enjoy the natural light for just a moment. When closed, the slats provide effective insulation from the elements. They prevent rain from penetrating inside, providing a completely watertight shelter.
One of the major advantages of adjustable slats is their ability to ventilate the air under your pergola. Unlike PVC panels, this type of roof can be opened to prevent overheating. Choosing aluminium for the roof of your pergola also helps to improve the thermal insulation of your home. Leaning against the wall of your house, a pergola with aluminium slats protects you from the sun's rays and keeps the adjoining room cool.
The aluminium slats give your made-to-measure pergola a modern, elegant look. With their sober, uncluttered profile, they blend harmoniously into the structure of the shelter. A wide variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses are available for the slats, so you can adapt the roof to your architectural style.
There are two ways of opening and closing the adjustable slats. The first is manual, using a crank handle. The second option is to motorise the aluminium slats. This solution provides greater convenience and prevents any damage caused by mishandling. You can even fully automate the slats using home automation systems. Installing a rain sensor on your pergola means they close automatically if it rains. And fitting a wind detector will open the aluminium roof slightly to prevent your shelter being damaged in a storm.

Retractable slats

Retractable slats have all the advantages of adjustable slats, but with an innovative technical feature. They retract with each other, giving you an unobstructed view of the sky.
Biossun offers a unique, patented model called E-motion. With a roof opening of up to 87%, you can admire a starry sky or enjoy a sunny moment without any apparent visual hindrance. Fully motorised, the Biossun E-motion pergola can be controlled from a smartphone or remote control with a single click.
The retractable slats can be installed on both freestanding and lean-to structures. Enjoy a designer bioclimatic pergola in the heart of your garden or attached to the front of your home.
Made from top-of-the-range aluminium, the roof with retractable slats stands the test of time. The slats provide an effective barrier against adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind or frost. They also have a special coating to protect you from UV rays. With a retractable roof, you can enjoy a cool, shady space all summer long.
Given the highly technological nature of these motorised slats, we advise you to call in a qualified professional to install them. Biossun works with a network of approved specialists. They will come to your home and fit the aluminium panels, taking into account the width and height of your enclosure. They will also check that the fixing plates are tight enough to ensure that the roof is watertight and functional.
Need more information on the benefits of aluminium slats for a pergola? Give us a call or fill in our contact form. A Biossun advisor will help you with your future project. He or she will even be able to give you a personalised quote for installing a pergola on your terrace if you so wish.

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