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What are the advantages of a Biossun bioclimatic pergola?

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What are the advantages of a Biossun bioclimatic pergola?

Do you have a terrace or garden and want to enjoy it all year round? The bioclimatic pergola is a solution which, thanks to its adjustable slats, allows you to enjoy your outdoor space, whether it be during the fine weather or during the duller days.

4 advantages of a bioclimatic pergola

1. Automation for your well-being

The main advantage of a bioclimatic pergola is its autonomous operation. Our pergola models are equipped with sensors to automatically manage the blinds or the orientation of the slats; the sensor allows them to be closed automatically when it rains and, conversely, to be opened when it is windy.
Biossun offers you the possibility of controlling your pergola using your phone or tablet. Thanks to a dedicated application, you can control it remotely. Mainly used for the Bio 120 and Bio 230 pergolas, you will be able to manage the choice of slat orientation, lighting as well as the opening and closing of the blinds and slats.

2. Resistance and aesthetics for a stylish exterior

A bioclimatic pergola is designed with materials selected for their resistance to bad weather such as wind, rain or snow. It will be able to withstand the years without any problems.
In addition to its resistance, the Biossun bioclimatic pergola stands out for its aesthetics. Thanks to the wide range of colours available, you can choose the colour that will enhance your house or flat and blend in with its surroundings.
You are also free to add options to your pergola so that it is in total harmony with your desires and the design you wish to give it.
The bioclimatic pergola adds value to your home and gives it real character. Install a pergola at the edge of your swimming pool, for example, in order to enhance it and to benefit from a unique exterior worthy of a straw hut.

3. The bioclimatic pergola: an important point to enhance your property

Whether attached to your house or free-standing, the integration of a custom-made bioclimatic pergola will bring real added value in terms of modernity, aesthetics and functionality. For this extension to be successful, it is important to choose the right colours and discreet finishes that will blend in perfectly with your property.
Not only is a pergola aesthetically pleasing, it is also an ecological and economical way to create an extra room or extension for your home. Over time, the pergola has become a real living room that is used for various activities with family and friends!

4. The bioclimatic pergola between ecological and economical impact

There are many advantages to installing a bioclimatic pergola, the most important of which is the resulting ecological and economic impact.
Biossun designs its shelters and fittings exclusively in France, and with eco-responsible materials. The bioclimatic terraces are therefore made of 98% primary aluminium, a totally recyclable material.
By playing with the orientation of the slats, the pergola will play a regulating role.
All Biossun bioclimatic pergolas follow perfectly the curves of the sun in order to offer natural ventilation.
This is why it can be interesting to lean the pergola against your house. It will allow you to save energy by limiting energy waste as much as possible, by acting as a shield against the cold in winter, but also by attenuating the sun's rays in summer, to keep the house cool.

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Are you an architect or hotel/restaurant professional?

Our pergolas can also be adapted to your exterior, creating custom-made spaces that will fit in perfectly.
By installing our e-Motion bioclimatic pergola, you will create a connected outdoor space to offer you the view of a blue sky. You will also be able to choose the sunlight level of the terrace thanks to its control and configuration function via a phone or a tablet.

Creating an attractive outdoor room

Bioclimatic pergolas add beauty to any space. They can create an aesthetic outdoor space, almost a room in its own right. Pergolas are ideal for defining the space on a terrace. They can also be fitted with electrical outlets and lighting. This allows you to enjoy them to the full, creating a truly cocooning space in your garden.

Protecting outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is made to stay outside all year round, but it will be damaged more quickly if it's not properly protected. Placing your garden furniture, table, hammock or footstools under a pergola provides lasting protection. Your furniture won't be affected by the rain, and much less by the sun's rays. It doesn't get damaged, and retains its color and strength for longer.

Increase the comfort and duration of use of the terrace

If you live in a temperate region of France, you probably don't get much use out of your garden. Summer is short and autumn quickly takes its place, with the rain inviting itself in. Installing a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats lets you enjoy your outdoors all year round. The multiple possible positions for its slats and the ease with which you can adjust them mean you can enjoy your outdoors whatever the weather. Heat is regulated in summer, and you're protected from rain and bad weather.

Reduced maintenance

Unlike verandas, bioclimatic pergolas need no maintenance. A simple wash with a water-soaked cloth will keep your pergola shiny and clean.

Enjoy natural air conditioning

Models that back onto the facade of your home provide shade both inside and out. You gain in thermal comfort at home, and save energy (you don't need to air-condition, or can reduce the use you make of your appliance).

Embellish your terrace

A pergola is a real aesthetic asset for your garden. Our high-quality models, designed to enhance the space, add personality to your exterior. You can choose from numerous pergola models, as well as hundreds of colors and renderings. So you can create a design that's totally in tune with your tastes, and easily harmonizes with your existing garden décor.

Upgrade your pergola over time with new equipment

Our bioclimatic pergolas are upgradeable: you can choose them without any particular options, then request the installation of LED lighting or electrical outlets.
Now you know the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola. Biossun offers a wide choice of aluminum bioclimatic pergolas. Featuring adjustable slats, these are top-of-the-range and connected. Do you have any questions? Contact our advisors and technicians for a personalized quote.