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What are the criteria for choosing a bioclimatic pergola?

Why choose a bioclimatic pergola?

Halfway between an awning and a veranda, a pergola is a fixed structure that doesn't need to be dismantled. It consists of two or four vertical posts and a roof. The most common pergola covers are canvas, aluminum slats and polycarbonate sheets.
Leaning against a facade, the pergola creates a transition zone between the house and the outdoors. It's ideal for a terrace or dining area. A pergola can also be freestanding. Installed as an island, it provides a relaxing spot in the middle of the garden or around a swimming pool.
A bioclimatic pergola features a roof with adjustable or retractable slats. These allow you to enjoy a covered outdoor space, whatever the weather. Closed, they provide shade and coolness while protecting from sun, wind and rain. Open, they let in more or less light and warm the atmosphere.

For your future pergola, trust your Biossun manufacturer. Our aluminum bioclimatic solutions are designed in France. They are available made-to-measure to fit your home perfectly.

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Factors to consider when choosing a pergola

Feasibility study for your pergola project
Would you like to invest in a durable shelter to protect you in all seasons? A pergola has many advantages. But before you build one, make sure your project is feasible.
Depending on where you live, certain materials may not be suitable. A wooden pergola is not suitable for humid regions. An awning pergola should be avoided if your home is exposed to the wind. An aluminum pergola, on the other hand, is suitable for all climates and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
The choice of structure depends on the intended use. For a house extension, opt for a lean-to pergola. Leaning against a wall, it extends and insulates the adjoining room. For an independent space, opt for a freestanding pergola. It can be used to cover garden furniture, a spa or a poolside solarium.
A flat floor is essential for installing a pergola. Concrete slabs or blocks are recommended for fixing. A metal anchor screwed to the ground is also an option. And if you don't want to drill, discover our innovative ballasted planter system, ideal for roof terraces.

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Evaluate the size of the area to be landscaped

Before choosing your pergola, first determine its location and use. In the garden, by the pool or on the terrace, there are many different possibilities. Will it be used as a summer kitchen, lounge or dining area? Depending on the type of shelter you're looking for, you'll need more or less space.
The next step is to measure your outdoor space. Biossun takes care of this task during the technical study of your project. An authorized partner comes to your home to study the terrain. He or she will advise you on the different types of pergolas, slats and rainwater drainage systems.
If the standard models don't meet your home's requirements, we can custom-make them for you. After diagnosis, Biossun will design a pergola that perfectly matches your environment. Call on our expertise to install your structure and benefit from our ten-year warranty.
Depending on the size of your project, you'll need to take certain steps. For an installation of between 5 and 20 m², you'll need to obtain a preliminary building permit. For a larger pergola, you'll need to obtain planning permission.

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Matching your pergola to its environment

As a welcoming and convivial space, your pergola should reflect your image. To achieve this, choose materials that match the style of your home. Aluminum is the most versatile, and goes wonderfully well with homes with a clean, sober, even futuristic aesthetic. It also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to more traditional homes.
For perfect harmony with your property, don't hesitate to play with colors. Our bioclimatic models are available in over 350 colors and 50 architectural shades. So you can create the ambiance of your dreams. Choose a similar tone for a soft, soothing atmosphere, or opt for another color for contrast.
Biossun allows you to separate the color of the slats from that of the structure. In this way, the look of your future pergola is totally customizable. Our palette ranges from neutral tones that blend easily with any design, to bright colors that will set your shelter apart from the rest. And if none of our standard models suits your needs, Biossun can customize your pergola.

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Accessorizing your bioclimatic pergola

Accessories not only increase your comfort, they also enhance your pergola. They allow you to personalize your patio enclosure and make it totally unique. Today, there are many quality options available to bring to life the piece of paradise you've always dreamed of.
Accessories are integrated when the structure is built. Lighting, for example, creates a warm, luminous atmosphere for evenings out with friends. You also have the Zipsun awning developed by Biossun, which preserves your privacy while letting light through.
And if your desires change, you can install equipment after the pergola has been installed. For example, you can modulate your layout by adding sliding glass. This enclosure solution protects your surface from rain and wind without obstructing your view.
For complete protection against the vagaries of the weather, we recommend equipping your pergola with a rain and wind sensor. The former detects drops and automatically closes the slats. And the second adjusts your slats so that they won't be damaged in the event of a storm.

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