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What design for your pergola?

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What design for your pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure that lets you make the most of your garden or terrace. It protects you from the sun and even, when bioclimatic, from rain and other bad weather. But that's not all: the pergola is a real aesthetic asset for your garden. Find out which design you should choose for your new pergola to enhance your exterior.

How do you choose the design of a pergola?

Choosing the design of a pergola involves considering a number of factors. We'll take you through them to help you achieve a beautiful pergola that suits your tastes.

Which pergola for which type of house?

Choose the design of your pergola to match the style of your home. Classic aluminium pergolas go perfectly with modern, even contemporary homes. They're versatile, and also go well with farmhouses, renovated barns and other country homes. Because aluminium is a pure material with a simple aesthetic, it goes well with most buildings. You should also think about the dimensions and configuration of your pergola: these parameters will affect the aesthetics of your structure. You can choose between a pergola that backs onto the front of your house and a freestanding pergola. The first type of pergola has just two posts and is fixed to the wall of your home. This type of pergola is highly aesthetic and appreciated for its design: it forms an extension of the house and enhances your home. Freestanding pergolas, on the other hand, are installed as an island, completely independent of your house. They can be placed wherever you like in your grounds. For example, you can create a relaxation area by installing your pergola over a swimming pool, a jacuzzi or the terrace next to your pool.

Which pergola for which furniture?

You can also combine it with any type of furniture: PVC garden furniture, wooden garden furniture, woven resin garden furniture - everything goes with the classic, sober lines of an aluminium pergola.
Just make sure your pergola is large enough to fit your sun loungers or garden furniture under your aluminium shelter.
The choice of motorised slats for the roof is also an advantage when it comes to protecting your furniture. Using a smartphone or remote control, you can control the slats quickly in the event of sudden bad weather. And if you're looking for even more peace of mind, Biossun offers weather sensors for its aluminium bioclimatic pergolas.
The rain sensor instantly closes the slats of your roof in the event of rain. And the wind sensor opens them in extreme winds to protect the shelter from any damage.

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How can I customise the design of a pergola?

As well as the colour of your pergola and the model you choose, you can customise the design of your pergola in many ways. Start when you place your order, by choosing your options.
RGB LED lighting is popular because it's easy to use, consumes little energy and lets you light up your pergola in a range of colours. You can also choose to install power sockets in your pergola, so you can plug in your charger, electric barbecue, sound system or trendy outdoor lights.
There are also side enclosure solutions to dress up your pergola. They insulate the sides of your outdoor living space from the wind and rain. Inserted between the posts of your shelter, they also protect you from prying eyes.
Biossun offers two products in particular for completely enclosing your bioclimatic terrace. The first is the Zipsun awning with vertical descent. Equipped with a motorised system, it can be controlled remotely with a remote control. With its top-of-the-range fabric, the Zipsun awning filters out UV rays while retaining natural light.
The second piece of equipment available to you is the patented Biossun sliding window. Totally transparent, it offers a 360° panoramic view of your surroundings, while protecting you from the elements.
Finally, you can opt for a single bay or a double bay. If you opt for a double bay, the space in your pergola will be divided in two, allowing you to control the bioclimatic slats on both sides independently.
Finally, you can add a touch of character to your pergola by hanging garlands of lights high up on it, or by running climbing plants along the gutters.

How do you choose the colour of your pergola?

The creation of outdoor and indoor spaces is not a matter of chance. For a harmonious balance with your surroundings, design, materials, volumes and colours play a key role, whatever your project.
Dark colours give your outdoor space a modern, chic feel. If you want a contemporary look, this is an excellent choice. Dark tones also create an interesting visual contrast with the walls of your home and the surrounding landscape.
Light colours, on the other hand, brighten up shady, dull areas. They also have a soothing, relaxing connotation. So if you're looking for a soft, serene atmosphere in your garden, light colours are the way to go.
Choosing a wood effect can also be an attractive solution for your pergola. Associated with nature, it brings a warm, bucolic look to your exterior. And it goes perfectly with wicker garden furniture or rattan furniture.
The colour of your pergola should match the front of your house, your outdoor furniture and the decoration of your garden. Aluminium pergolas can be customised and come in an infinite range of colours. You can choose a classic anthracite grey aluminium pergola, a black pergola, a beige pergola, a brown pergola... choose according to your taste and the desired result. Biossun lets you choose the colour of the structure of your choice, as well as the colour of the bioclimatic slats. Our aim is to give you a made-to-measure pergola that's perfectly suited to your needs.

The creation of interior and exterior spaces is not a matter of chance

Set against your contemporary house, on the terrace of your beautiful flat, in the heart of your garden or beside your swimming pool, the bioclimatic pergola is an outdoor space in its own right. Its design and colour give it elegance and refinement.
You need to choose the colour of your pergola wisely, so that it blends in perfectly with your home. To do this, it's essential to take into account the characteristics of your property, such as: colour

- the colour of the walls of your house or flat
- the colour of the paving slabs around your swimming pool
- the colour of the materials that make up the terrace
- the different tones of the flowers, plants and shrubs in your garden
- and so on.

Biossun custom colours for your pergola

When you choose a Biossun bioclimatic pergola, you have the luxury of being able to choose the perfect shade from the 350 available (for both the structure and the slats).

Would you like to create an outdoor space that reflects your image, in keeping with the style of your house or flat? Each pergola colour is designed to meet everyone's needs.

You can add white or 8-colour RGB LED lighting to enhance the cosiness, conviviality and well-being of your space.

Now you know which design to choose for your pergola. Need more advice? Ask us all your questions using our contact form.
Our advisers are at your service and will guide you through all the technical stages of your project. Request a quote to estimate the cost of your installation. Discover all our practical advice and our catalogue of quality bioclimatic pergolas.