Successfully combining tradition and elegance

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Hôtellerie / Restauration
On the shores of Lake Geneva, the Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola blends traditional architecture with contemporary lines for this beautiful hotel-restaurant in the canton of Vaud.

The Biossun experience

"There is no doubt that Biossun bioclimatic pergolas open up the field of possibilities for hotel and restaurant establishments." That's when we discovered Biossun bioclimatic pergolas, and they really transformed our terrace into an exceptional place. The integration of these pergolas has enabled us to create a new dimension in our establishment. In summer, our customers can enjoy a cool, shaded terrace thanks to the adjustable slats of the pergola. It's the ideal place to enjoy a meal al fresco while remaining comfortably sheltered from the sun. What's more, the integrated LED lighting creates a warm atmosphere for romantic evening dinners. In winter, the pergola's blinds and glazing keep out the heat while letting in natural light. This means that our customers can continue to enjoy our terrace even in cooler weather. The integrated heating system ensures optimum comfort, and our guests enjoy being able to enjoy a good meal while admiring the ocean view, whatever the weather.
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The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola

The Bio 230 bioclimatic pergola is a true invitation to creativity, offering a blank canvas for designing an extraordinary outdoor space to match your dreams. With a maximum span of 7 metres, this pergola adjusts to your desires, pushing back the boundaries of the conventional by transforming your terrace into a unique space covering up to 31.5 square metres in a single-bay installation. Imagine the scale of this space: a place where your most imaginative ideas can take shape, from the most intimate relaxation area to the most spacious reception area. In this way, the Bio 230 becomes a natural extension of your home, evolving according to your needs and desires.
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