Choosing the pergola adapted to your wishes

Your project

Do you want to launch you Biossun bioclimatic pergola project?
Don’t wait another second! Follow the steps proposed by our selection assistant so that we can recommend the bioclimatic pergola best suited to your wishes. Naturally, you can contact our closest retail partner to define all the elements necessary to your project.

Area of patio/terrace to be covered
Area in metres

Your bioclimatic pergola

To guide you in choosing a model, define the functions you would like to have.
Select one of the two options
Slat-by-slat tiltability + simultaneous tiltability of all the slats
Simultaneous tiltability of all the slats
Bonus: Retractability
Add the possibility of retracting the slats of your bioclimatic pergola for 87% upward opening
Retractability of the slats

Your lighting

Specify which type of lighting atmosphere you want to create.
Designer lighting
Central lighting
Light ambiance to your taste
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