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For each unique outdoor layout project... Forget about the weather: simply dream up, conceptualise and design special moments spent under a Biossun bioclimatic patio cover.


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Enjoy the use of your pergola in every season

A true extension of your house or apartment, your pergola is ideally located on your terrace, in your garden or by the poolside.


How to set up a "dining space" under your pergola

Your pergola is a perfect place for relaxation and well-being which can also be configured to include a dining space. You can therefore set the table all year round


Enjoy quiet tranquillity while others swim with music…

Incorporate music into the lagoon-blue water of your pool, while maintaining the golden silence of your outdoor space.


Decorative inflatable pool rings: a must-have…

Ready to hit the pool? Yes, but not without the accessory that never fails to make a splash: a decorative inflatable pool ring!

long summer evenings under a pergola

Make the most of long summer evenings with a spot of stargazing...

Balmy summer evenings offer the perfect opportunity to share a special moment with friends and family: gazing up at the starry sky.

patio cover

Finding happiness and harmony outdoors – a lifestyle trend

In summer, the patio can truly be a living room outdoors. Your garden is the space where you reconnect with nature.

connected patio cover

These connected devices simplify our lives

With the arrival of home automation, our daily life has never seemed so simple or comfortable.


how to choose the right cushions ?

Create an outdoor space that reflects your personality with carefully selected cushions!

Decoration de table sous une pergola

Garden table decoration for a genuine change of scenery

The fine weather is almost upon us and as the sun’s rays brush your skin, you feel a rising desire to enjoy life outdoors.


A pergola for your apartment terrace ?

Do you want to take full advantage of your apartment terrace whatever the season? Often associated with a garden or patio, pergolas can also be used on an apartment terrace.

A chaque extérieur sa pergola

Each outside has its pergola!

Often associated with the vast terraces of the South of France and unusual villas, the bioclimatic pergola is not reserved for large spaces and mild climates! Wall-mounted or free-standing, small structures to a module or large terraces with several bays,

Retour d'expérience un été sous une pergola a biossun draillant

Experience feedback: A summer under a Biossun pergola in Draillant (74)

Nadine lives in a beautiful setting nestled in the heart of the Alps. A superb contemporary house with a mirror pool, a refined garden ... And since a few months, a new pergola Biossun ...

Pour mieux profiter d'un spa ou d'une piscine plongez pour une pergola bioclimatique biossun

To better enjoy a spa or swimming pool, dive for a Biossun bioclimatic pergola

A swimming pool or spa is an ideal relaxation area to enjoy the benefits of water at home. Pool or spa? In both cases, a bioclimatic Biossun pergola can allow you to enjoy these facilities better, more often and longer. Resourcing at home becomes even mor

Jeux de lumières sous une pergola bioclimatique biossun

Light games under a Biossun bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergolas Biossun make the moments of relaxation more pleasant, but not only ... Thanks to their different solutions of lighting, the evenings spent on the terrace or at the edge of the swimming pool are longer, more animated and more beaut

Quelle différence entre une pergola classique et une pergola bioclimatique biossun

What is the difference between a classic pergola and a Biossun bioclimatic pergola?

The bioclimatic architecture allows to find the perfect balance between habitat, behavior of its occupants and climatic conditions in order to better control the needs of heat and aeration of each one. To achieve optimal living comfort, it uses innovative

Pergolas bioclimatique biossun et architecture traditionnelle

Bioclimatic Pergolas Biossun and traditional architecture

Biossun Bioclimatic pergolas fit into all types of traditional and old architectural environments. Chalets, bastides, longhouses, farm buildings, half-timbered houses, but also villas from the 30s or 50s ...

Le printemps est arrivé profitez dès à présent de votre jardin

Spring is here: enjoy your garden now!

First rays of sun, first heat, first lunches outside. The spring season is gradually settling ... It's time to think about landscaping the outside or the terrace. Relaxing with family, gourmet meals or aperitifs with friends can already join the program,

Prolonger l'été en lumière

extend the summer in light!

September has arrived and the beautiful season is coming to an end ... The sun is going down, the morale too!

Retour d'expérience installation pergolas biossun au coeur de l'espace restauration hotel pullman toulouse airport

Experience feedback: Installation of Biossun bioclimatic patio covers in the heart of the hotel Pullman Toulouse Airport.

The expectations of hotel and restaurant operators have changed. They seek to create personalized and convivial places, where the service is redesigned thanks to flexible spaces that can take on different functions.

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