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25 April 2022

A pergola is an undeniable asset for a property! On a terrace or in a garden, the bioclimatic pergola offers an additional space to enjoy your outside.
However, how can you make the most of it when the weather does not allow it? To extend the use of your bioclimatic pergola, there are several types of enclosures (including glazed) in order to keep it insulated.

The advantages of a glass enclosure for your pergola

A real alternative to a veranda, the use of a glass enclosure will bring you many advantages. The main advantage is that you can use your bioclimatic pergola in all circumstances.
In addition, the glass will not suffer any deterioration due to time and climate, as it will not fade or deteriorate in brightness or transparency...

Nevertheless, other advantages result from this closing technique:
- A luminosity of each moment allowing to benefit from an outside while being inside.
- Thermoregulation is favoured by the use of glass, especially when the pergola is closed.
- Glass is a material that is resistant and very effective against strong gusts of wind

Types of pergola enclosures

Each Biossun bioclimatic pergola is unique and meets the needs of each individual.
At Biossun, we make custom-made pergolas according to your desires and your exterior so that they are in harmony with their environment, giving a unique dimension to your terrace.

In order to be able to enjoy your pergola all year round, you can equip it with one or more partitions which can be removable. If the walls of your pergola protect you from bad weather and offer you the possibility to enjoy your outdoor space even when the temperatures cool down, they also allow you to protect yourself from the strong summer heat. You can thus complete your equipment according to your desires and your needs.

Several closing solutions exist to enhance your bioclimatic pergola. Simple to use and easy to install, these different removable solutions adapt to the colour of your pergola and blend in perfectly with the rest of your environment:

- ZIPSUN blinds:

ZIPSUN awnings with a vertical drop protect your exterior from bad weather, the sun and even prying eyes while letting in light. They will dress up your pergola with a wide choice of colours and patterns. Resistant and elegant, you can control the opening and closing with the Biossun remote control.

- Sliding glass

With the installation of a tempered glass wall, all the sides of your pergola can be closed in a hermetic way in order to enjoy your outside all year long and this whatever the weather. More than just protection, the sliding glass will give your pergola charm and elegance and you can enjoy a 360° view.

- Claustra and Transom Claustra

Mainly used as a privacy screen, the screen can protect you from the sun. Elegant and in perfect harmony with the bioclimatic pergola, it will be your best ally to preserve your privacy.

Focus on glass enclosures for restaurants

A terrace can be a real added value for your restaurant.
However, when the weather is hot or bad, the terrace is no longer accessible, which is why a bioclimatic pergola is a good alternative to optimise your exterior. In order to be able to use it in winter or simply during cold periods, the use of a closing system becomes essential.

Today, a pergola should be thought of as a key element of an optimised and personalised outdoor space. A glazed closure will allow you to develop your outdoor space over time while maintaining the beauty of your outdoor space because even when closed, you have a 360° view of your surroundings.

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