Decorative inflatable pool rings: a must-have…

8 August 2019

Ready to hit the pool? Yes, but not without the accessory that never fails to make a splash: a decorative inflatable pool ring! Treat yourself, impress your friends and opt for originality with THE model that suits you. A trendy summer 2019 ring, whether it is flashy, classic or retro – anything goes in summer! Whatever your preference, the different shapes and colours add the finishing touch to the turquoise waters of your pool and guarantee fun for everyone.

pergola piscine

Essential inflatable pool rings for summer 2019

If you’re always on the lookout for very latest thing, check out the selection of decorative pool rings to give your pool that something extra and let you enjoy the water to the full. Summer 2019 has some great surprises with a range of original accessories. Giant pool rings certainly have the wind in their sails! There’s plenty of space on the unicorn ring for several people, while it also exists in a smaller version just for one. The model crowned with a rainbow boasts a unique style. Ideal for holding refreshing drinks, the “bar” model will ensure you’ll be the envy of all your friends this summer. Do you want to give your pool that something extra and have fun with an original, colourful or flashy accessory? Opt for the doughnut or cupcake ring!

Timeless pool rings you simply can’t do without

Who has never surfed the waves lying on or sitting astride an inflatable animal-shaped ring? Timeless crocodile, dolphin, whale or turtle rings are also a welcome addition to your pool. A genuine inflatable game, this accessory is also an attractive pool accessory. The traditional flamingo pool ring never goes out of fashion. Its graceful style and pinkish colour make it a timeless decorative item. And the simple round rubber ring? The countless sizes and colours leave plenty of scope for every eccentricity. This ring is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys playing water games with family or friends.

A decorative pool ring that takes you back to your childhood?

If you’re a fan of retro design and vintage decor, you will doubtless choose the famous inflatable mattress that everyone has tried out at one time or another. This pool accessory is now available in numerous formats and colours to suit your every whim and your outdoor area. If you want to relax in the sun or enjoy some fun in the turquoise waters of your pool, an inflatable mattress has the advantage of being ideal for every age. Relive your childhood with a duck or swan pool ring that you used to play with at the seaside… Their timeless style is still a firm favourite with everyone and they are the ideal means of sharing lots of fun whenever you take a dip.

You will enjoy a warm, colourful and fun-filled summer with decorative pool rings to suit every taste. All you have to do is choose your accessories…

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