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These connected devices simplify our lives

14 June 2019

With the arrival of home automation, our daily life has never seemed so simple or comfortable. Accessible to a broad public, it is not restricted to tech-savvy users – far from it! Present both inside and outside the home, it continues to win us over.
How does home automation improve our lives and what are the benefits?
Which connected objects make your house a smart home? Discover what is behind the enthusiasm for this new type of equipment.

e-MOTION, the retractable connected bioclimatic pergola

Home automation isn’t limited to the inside of your house. It can also be used to create even greater comfort outdoors too.
To ensure maximum well-being, Biossun has designed a retractable connected bioclimatic pergola solution: the e-MOTION pergola, a patented innovative solution. This new-generation pergola model can be installed on your patio, in your garden or even beside your pool! e-MOTION combines comfort and ease of use.You can control it via your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. You have complete control over the configuration of your retractable pergola thanks to a remote-controlled management system.
So the weather is unsettled? With a wave of your hand, adjust the position of the slats of your connected pergola to suit your needs. To ensure you can use e-MOTION in the best possible conditions, our team of Biossun experts accompanies you, guides you and answers any questions you might have. Remote diagnostics and updates are also part of our remit.

Take advantage of all the benefits of connected outdoor equipment!

pergola retractable et connectee emotion

Home automation for a simpler, more secure and more comfortable everyday life

Are you curious about home automation? Would you like to learn a little more about this topic? Home automation solutions are installed in our houses to make them connected or, in other words, smart. The devices offer a new experience in comfort (in particular opening doors and windows) and security (detection of intrusions, leaks, etc.) in the house. Daily life is made easier. Savings can also be made through energy management. Connected objects help prevent certain malfunctions and avoid unnecessary spending.
Home automation has the advantage of adapting to your lifestyle.

pergola connectée

Which devices make a connected home?

Comfort – and security, depending on the equipment at hand – can be enjoyed everywhere in the house. Nowadays, home automation plays a central role – be it in a new construction, a home renovation or an existing house. Every area of daily life is concerned. Some of the connected objects that simplify our lives can be installed by the users themselves while others require the help of professionals.
A home automation system can involve connected equipment such as smart household appliances, heating, doors and windows (motorisation of shutters, gates, etc.), lighting or outdoor equipment (including a lawn mower, sprinkler system, pergola, etc. Both inside and out, the comfort and security provided by home automation make our daily lives more enjoyable.

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