Energy consumption and bioclimatic pergolas: What is the impact in winter?

21 March 2022

One of the great advantages of a bioclimatic pergola is the impact it can have on the energy consumption of a house thanks to its installation on the facade which reduces heat loss in winter.

The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola in winter

A pergola allows you to have a protected exterior and even a real additional room. A classical pergola is made of the same materials as a bioclimatic pergola; however, when it is very hot, you will quickly feel the greenhouse effect and conversely, when it is cold, you cannot enjoy the terrace.

The bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy your covered terrace all year long by taking into account the climatic conditions in order to offer an optimal comfort. The slats of the pergola adapt to the weather to offer you an optimal moment on your terrace thanks to its connected system.

As for the impact on energy consumption, a classic pergola has little or no impact since it is not directly connected to the weather.

In addition to being able to enjoy your terrace 100% in winter, Biossun bioclimatic pergolas offer energy benefits for your home by allowing you to trap the heat of the sun's rays in order to naturally heat your home thanks to the orientation of its blades.

Insulate your home to save money

The good insulation of your home is an important point to try to save energy. This is what a bioclimatic pergola can offer you, by taking advantage of the sun.

There are two possibilities when you install a Biossun bioclimatic pergola: an island installation or a front installation.

The front installation will allow you to enjoy your terrace all year long by protecting you from bad weather and offering you an additional comfort of life. You can give it the atmosphere you want via your decoration and an addition of led lights that will offer you an optimal lighting in summer and winter and will make you reduce your electricity bill.

Fixed to the walls of your house or apartment, the bioclimatic pergola represents a protection to the cold by optimizing the heat of the sun rays. This protection will make you gain degrees in the adjoining rooms and thus reduce your heating needs.

An extension with double benefits: living comfort and savings! Thanks to its adjustable slats, the bioclimatic pergola can manage the luminosity or even protect from rain or UV rays. By adding a full glass enclosure option, you will be able to isolate yourself from the rain but also from the noise.

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