Decoration de table sous une pergola

Garden table decoration for a genuine change of scenery

29 April 2019

The fine weather is almost upon us and as the sun’s rays brush your skin, you feel a rising desire to enjoy life outdoors. In the garden, on your patio or under your pergola, your garden furniture is back in its rightful place outside in the fresh air. And what if your garden table were to become the centrepiece this year? Creating an atmosphere that whisks you off to foreign climes, your table decoration is an essential element of your outdoor environment. To enjoy warm, welcoming and unforgettable moments, customise your outdoor area and give your garden table decoration a new lease of life!

A tablecloth at the heart of your table decoration

Your tablecloth is the cornerstone of a successful table decoration. When choosing it, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. It is essential to choose the right dimensions to ensure it falls to the appropriate length according to your furniture. Depending on the desired style and the atmosphere created, choose a timeless, elegant tablecloth or something with a modern twist. The different shapes, materials, colours and patterns enable you to customise your garden table decoration. A plain linen tablecloth is a perfect foil for coloured and patterned crockery, whereas a checked tablecloth provides an elegant backdrop to more traditional plates, cutlery and glasses. White crockery looks great on a cotton tablecloth in a single bright colour or a dark blue, for example. A harmonious garden table decoration also shows your covered patio or pergola off in its best light.

Each patio or garden has its own colours and atmosphere

Whether your mood is turned towards spring or summer, the play of colours can be used to good effect. With an outdoor area combining garden, patio and bioclimatic pergola, for example, you can match the colours of your garden furniture with your pergola and patio. The existing vegetation can also play its part with wisteria, a vine growing up your stone wall, a fig tree hanging over your patio or the scent of lavender and roses wafting around your pergola. Plants in pots in your favourite colour complete the atmosphere you want to create. Plan a stylish outdoor area where you can relax and enjoy pleasant moments with friends and family, in harmony with your surroundings, the colours and your every wish. Your table decoration then quite naturally matches this atmosphere.

Create a more sophisticated setting

Accessories allow you to give your garden table decoration a more sophisticated look. Place mats and table runners add a modern, classic or even rustic touch, depending on your taste. These can replace your tablecloth, your outdoor furniture permitting (in particular a wooden or glass table). A few candles, a spray of flowers or a scattering of pearls or petals on your tablecloth to match your crockery create a feeling of perfect harmony. Give free rein to your imagination and your desires to create an atmosphere that whisks you off to foreign climes!

Are you organising a meal under your pergola with family or friends? You can match your garden table decoration to the theme of your menu by playing with colours, shapes, materials and fragrances.

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