How to cover a terrace?

15 October 2021

The terrace is an outdoor space that often needs to be covered. Discomfort due to the sun's rays, unpleasant wind, rainy weather, lack of privacy, there are many reasons to cover a terrace. What solution to adopt to cover it and create a unique space where it is good to spend sweet moments? Don't have to choose between sun protection and comfort or practicality. Discover the best way to live outside in any season, with comfort and design at the rendezvous!

The ideal solution for a covered terrace synonymous with absolute comfort

Getting rid of your parasol has become easy thanks to the different solutions of terrace covers available today. Between shade sails, retractable awnings, arbors and trellises, one type of cover stands out from the rest: the pergola.
How to cover your terrace without sacrificing the harmony with your environment?
For a perfect marriage between your home, your terrace and your various outdoor facilities, the installation of a bioclimatic pergola has many advantages: proven effectiveness in solar protection and against bad weather, adaptability to the environment, versatility and a long life. Efficiency and comfort guaranteed for your outdoor space, with the added benefit of design.
Thinking about it is already adopting it!

Create a new living space with ease

Dressing up your terrace can nowadays be considered easily and without constraint. Biossun has designed a simple and quick installation of the bioclimatic pergola. Each model is designed to make your outdoor space a unique source of well-being.

Custom-made to fit your living environment. Whether it is an apartment or house terrace, a poolside terrace or a garden terrace, the Biossun bioclimatic pergola blends into the decor and enhances your environment. Your terrace will be covered with an innovative design, in front of or on an island, all in your image and up to your requirements.

As the play of colors is a precious asset to bring elegance and refinement, Biossun offers you a palette of 350 colors for the structure of your aluminum pergola as well as for the slats. So you can give free rein to your creativity!

Keep the light in your well-being

Choosing to cover your terrace should not mean losing light and comfort. The bioclimatic pergola captures light while providing solar protection, natural ventilation and protection against bad weather.

Whether it is a bioclimatic pergola closed by blinds, a bioclimatic pergola with glass, retractable slats open or closed, the sun is easily tamed and controlled.

Today, thanks to the pergola, covering your terrace is to erase the boundaries between inside and outside. Don't wait any longer to enjoy a space that is 100% comfortable and comfortable, whatever the season!

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