How to protect your south-facing terrace from the sun?

15 April 2021

Having a south-facing terrace in your house, apartment, restaurant or hotel is certainly a real asset. However, when the sun comes out, your little corner of paradise can sometimes become a place where the heat is no longer bearable. So how can you protect your terrace from the sun while enjoying your surroundings? Biossun puts innovation within your reach with its bioclimatic design pergolas. Create a shaded space that perfectly meets your expectations by choosing a custom-made pergola!

Install a bioclimatic pergola on your terrace

How to let in light without suffering from the heat? What solution to create a shaded area with an aesthetic and design layout? The ideal solution today to protect yourself from the sun's rays while enjoying its presence is to install a bioclimatic pergola. It is also an opportunity to imagine a new decor, to create a unique outdoor living space.

Innovative, the Biossun pergola is equipped with adjustable and retractable blades. This way, you can keep the sun in perfect control of your outdoor space. This allows you to enjoy a cool atmosphere and ventilation, essential on a south-facing terrace.
Its design, elegance and efficiency distinguish it from any other outdoor installation.
Made to measure, it integrates in perfect harmony with your environment whether it is a traditional house, a property of character, an architect's house, an apartment, a restaurant, a hotel.
The bioclimatic pergola? An answer to your expectations with a quality product and options for a daily comfort for all the family, friends or your customers.

Accessories for unparalleled comfort

You have total freedom in choosing your pergola: 350 colors and finishes for the slats and structure. You also have the option of adding accessories designed to make every moment synonymous with pleasure, comfort and relaxation.
For the installation of your pergola on the terrace of your house, apartment or hotel, on the terrace closest to your pool, you can optimize the solar protection with
- the ZIPSUN® blinds;
- the claustra (elegant view breaker).
Innovative and connected accessories are also available:
- the electrical outlet that can be embedded in the posts;
- the ballast planter;
- RGB or white LED strip lighting;
- the rain sensor.

Taste the comfort of Biossun and you won't be able to do without it!

Create a shaded area according to your desires

To perfect the comfort provided by your bioclimatic pergola, you can plant your terrace. You should choose plants that can withstand the heat and sun. Laurel trees, olive trees, bamboo, banana trees, bougainvillea and Mexican orange trees all help to lower the temperature. The transpiration process of the plants allows to humidify the ambient air.
Combine colorful plants and fragrant plants for a terrace that is 100% fun and natural!
The little extra? A fountain whose water noise offers you a feeling of intense well-being.

With the Biossun bioclimatic pergola, reinvent your terrace according to your desires!

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