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20 April 2020

A living space in its own right, there are so many ways to furnish your terrace to meet your design wants and needs. One of a kind and made-to-measure, it combines design and technology for optimal comfort and well-being all year round. Looking for inspiration to furnish your terrace? Whether you are a private or business client, BIOSSUN will accompany you to help make your outdoor space a special one.

An intimate space for your spa

pergola autoportante
pergola à lame orientable une à une

Re-imagine the way you spend your reading and relaxation breaks. Invite your friends and loved ones to enjoy a space where it feels great to relish in every moment spent together. In summer and in winter, your terrace will become the place to share in the simple pleasures of life. Installing a pergola will help to make it a sophisticated living and relaxation space. Bathing in sunlight, it will bring some much needed warmth during the colder days of the year. Thanks to retractable slats you can control the coolness and shade of the space, just as you would in summertime. This will allow you the freedom to furnish it according to your taste so you can enjoy it all year round.

cuisine d'été et pergola

A cosy outdoor living space

By installing a pergola, you can bring out the beauty of your terrace. Designed to reflect your style, according to your wants and needs, it will easily blend into your environment, becoming a true extension of your house, apartment, or as the case may be, your hotel or restaurant. A combination of design and innovation, it can be customised in order to create an outdoor space that is perfectly you. It will easily lend itself to your furnishing ideas. No matter the atmosphere, rustic, cosy, retro, zen or even contemporary, your furniture, upholstery, decorative elements and plants will look elegant and sophisticated in your pergola. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, every meal will become a warm and pleasant moment to spend with family and friends no matter the time of year.

pergola au bord de la piscine

What if we let 2020 outdoor trends challenge our conventional thinking on outdoor space design? Now's the time to combine the latest technologies with the benefits of nature. For maximum comfort and unrivalled well-being, the bioclimatic pergola remains a safe bet. BIOSSUN revolutionises your daily life with a connected model. Now you can control your pergola as you want, when you want, via the Bluetooth control system with remote-control or via your smartphone. The latest technology meets all your expectations, whatever the weather, whether you want to make the most of the sunshine or stay cool outdoors. As elegant as ever, decorated with plants and on-trend décor accessories, your outdoor space becomes the focal point.

A dining area designed to reflect your style

A relaxation space by the poolside

And what if the time you spent by the poolside was just as special as the time spent swimming around in your luxurious lagoon? You can install your pergola right next to the pool for even more comfort and well-being. Everyone's favourite spot, the pool is guaranteed to be filled with magical moments. The pergola elegantly completes the space, by making your pool a focal point. A luxurious relaxation space starts to take shape, like a masterpiece in your living room. The pergola gives you a chance to play with light and shade, allowing you to control the coolness of the space according to your needs.

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