The new BIO One pergola - A perfect combination of design and innovation

The new BIO One pergola - A perfect combination of design and innovation

27 March 2020

As exquisite as it is innovative, the Bio One pergola has all the qualities to seduce you. BIOSSUN experts help to make your outdoor space a special place where you can enjoy every moment, in any season. With this new made-to-measure and customisable bioclimatic pergola, you experience the perfect combination of design and innovation.
Redesign and furnish your terrace, pool deck, or even a section of your garden by integrating the BIO One pergola into your environment.

Adjust the shade and light according to your needs One of a kind, the BIO One pergola slats can be adjusted section by section or independently of each other. Like all bioclimatic pergolas, you have the advantage of having a space where outdoor living, well-being and comfort are not just a simple promise.
With the possibility of adjusting the slats by section and consequently playing with light and shade at will, you can protect yourself from the sun depending on the section you choose. Your furnishing, decorative elements and your plants are also protected. You have perfect control over how cool or warm it gets.
BIOSSUN has conceptualised a bioclimatic pergola that can be adjusted by section and is ideal for a house, apartment, hotel terrace or restaurant.
Imagine yourself enjoying an extension of your home adjoining the pool, allowing you to spend memorable moments with family and friends, no matter the time of day. Or picture having a nice lunch between family and friends in the heart of your garden, comfortably seated under your pergola with complete control over the sun and the coolness of the space.

And for your businesses, you can give a whole new dimension to your establishment by opting for a 100% customisable bioclimatic pergola made-to-measure and for which you have control over the light and shade. Everything is designed to give your guests the highest level of comfort and to allow them to relax or to dine.

BIO One can be adapted to any environment in order to satisfy every need, each time creating a space that is unique in design with innovative technology to boot.

BIO One, the first pergola certified by the CSTB

A guarantee of quality, the CSTB certification attests to the performance of a product according to a reference system established by representatives from the industry and society. The BIO ONE pergola is the 1st pergola to be approved and certified by this entity. The structure, which withstood all the wind resistance tests conducted, attests to the know-how and expertise of BIOSSUN, essential for private individuals and professionals alike who wish to furnish an outdoor space by integrating the BIO ONE bioclimatic pergola..

Stay in control of your space even at a distance

At BIOSSUN, we focus our attention on using innovative technology. The latest model of our bioclimatic pergola can be controlled remotely for even more comfort. As the only person in command, you have access to a proprietary system that allows you to open, close and position the slats according to your liking or weather conditions. The app which is available on your smart phone or tablet, via Bluetooth, opens the doors to a whole new outdoor living experience.

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