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New outdoor / decor trends in 2020

6 March 2020

When your pergola and your garden blend into one

No need to wait for better weather to set up your outside space and make the most of your outdoor living area. Make your pergola and your garden or terrace a world of majestic greenery. Create a space where you can completely relax as you like: you might choose exotic plants, a Japanese-style garden, or floral planters... Follow this year's outdoor trend and blend your pergola into your garden. Combining the contemporary, the timeless and the classic is now a popular solution to give a whole other dimension to your pergola and your immediate surroundings. Do you want to be surprised and delighted? If you have enough room, consider creating a small area for gardening or growing your own vegetables. This trend also encourages you to surround yourself with greenery such as exotic plants, floral planters and small, carefully trimmed bushes. Happy times can now be shared in a natural space, between sunshine and shade.

pergola jardin

Outdoor trends in 2020 reveal a desire to reconnect with nature, to re-imagine our outdoor spaces with designs that combine new technologies and respect for the environment. Which décor ideas will you adopt to make the most of your outdoor space this year? How can you enhance your pergola? Follow our guide!

pergola aluminium

Outdoor furniture and décor take centre stage in 2020

The 2020 outdoor trend is designed to be original, even surprising at times. Available in bright colours or pastel shades, 2020 décor means there is something for all tastes. Furniture, decorative objects, lamps... you can design your outdoor space to suit your tastes, while maintaining a harmonious balance of colours. Whether your tables, chairs and garden loungers are made from exotic wood, cane or on-trend metal, add a bold dash of colour when choosing your cushions! You can opt for blue tones, green hues, or bright colours inspired by flowers, and you can also keep to shades of beige and brown. You'll find plenty of sophisticated, elegant ideas in keeping with the ambience you want to create (cosy, Zen, rustic, etc.). Thanks to the large range of outdoor décor accessories available, you can create your very own little paradise outside.

Your outdoor space will never cease to amaze you

What if we let 2020 outdoor trends challenge our conventional thinking on outdoor space design? Now's the time to combine the latest technologies with the benefits of nature. For maximum comfort and unrivalled well-being, the bioclimatic pergola remains a safe bet. BIOSSUN revolutionises your daily life with a connected model. Now you can control your pergola as you want, when you want, via the Bluetooth control system with remote-control or via your smartphone. The latest technology meets all your expectations, whatever the weather, whether you want to make the most of the sunshine or stay cool outdoors. As elegant as ever, decorated with plants and on-trend décor accessories, your outdoor space becomes the focal point.

Re-imagine the look of your pergola and your outdoor space, and make the most of your little paradise all year round!

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