Outdoor design ideas: a pergola for your pool

8 July 2021

Who hasn't dreamed of being able to enjoy their pool, even in the middle of the day when the sun is at its zenith? The installation of a pergola offers you this possibility, and much more. Discover its many advantages without delay.

Why install a pergola by the pool?

Installing a pergola by your pool will allow you to create an ideal space to relax with your feet in the water, sheltered from the sun and its inconveniences. Particularly appreciated in summer, the pergola will also find its followers in spring and autumn because it will protect the most reckless bathers from the wind that blows and refreshes the atmosphere.

What is the use of a pergola?

The pergola protects you from the sun, rain and wind. Once installed, it constitutes a real additional living space and will welcome all your moments of sharing with family or friends. Turn the space under your pergola into an outdoor living room, a relaxation area, a play area or a convivial space for your meals.

To adapt to all seasons and to your needs, the Biossun bioclimatic pergola has retractable and orientable blades. They allow you to protect yourself from the sun or, on the contrary, to let it in gently during your moments of relaxation. The slats work in zones and constitute a real removable roof for a pleasant terrace all day long, whatever the season.

How to install a pergola near the pool?

Installing your pergola next to your pool will be a real decorative asset for your outdoor design. Biossun pergolas are fully customizable. Thanks to the 350 colors available, your pergola will perfectly match the architecture of your house and will fulfill your design desires.

A multitude of accessories are available for optimal use of your pergola. Depending on your region and the use you wish to make of your pergola, complete it with an awning, a screen, rain sensors or LED lighting, activated by motion detector or remote control.

Designing the area around your pool is transforming your exterior into a work of art and maximizing its use.

How to install a pergola by the pool?

Before installing a pergola by your pool, there are a few things you should know. It is indeed essential to consult your city hall before starting your project of installing a bioclimatic pergola for pool. The mandatory steps will depend on two major criteria: the surface area of your pergola, and its type of installation (attached to your house or to a building, or self-supporting). Depending on these criteria, you will have to file a declaration of works, or a building permit with your town hall.

Preferably, choose an aluminum pergola. Indeed, this will guarantee its solidity and represents a significant aesthetic asset for the development of your garden or your terrace.

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