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Connected Pergola - The latest innovations from Biossun

9 June 2020

Ingenuity and innovation - built-in sockets

The technology is integrated in a manner which is as original as it is ingenious. Biossun fits your bioclimatic pergola with electrical sockets to make every moment spent in your outdoor space even more enjoyable.
Built-in to the posts of the pergola, the electrical sockets (230 V) allow you to plug in your multimedia devices and other accessories.

For our business clients, your customers will love being able to:
- charge their phones, tablets and computers;
- enjoy the use of a space heater;
- etc.

For our private customers:
- your relaxing poolside space can now serve as the place to be to enjoy music using a speaker you can plug in;
- your cosy little spot can now be lit up with lamps which you can use to complement the existing lighting in your pergola, or pep up the space with audiovisual equipment;
- the extension of your terrace can include all these benefits (charging your multimedia devices, additional lighting, bringing in some music, etc.).

The Bio One bioclimatic pergola - adjustable slats by zone

The Bio One bioclimatic pergola, with its chic and personalised design, sets itself apart through its play of light over which you have complete control. The adjustable slats by zone lets you adjust the lighting as you see fit. You decide when to let the sun's rays penetrate the space, and where, just as easily as you get to adjust the shade according to your liking.

The Internet of things can be found all around us, bringing comfort and security to many fields. Biossun continues to innovate and design simple and practical accessories to make your outdoor space special. Be it for the terrace of your restaurant, the patio of your hotel, the area adjoining your private pool or simply the dining area of your home, don't miss out on the latest in Biossun innovations. The connected pergola is the new living space you've always dreamt of having!

pergola adossé pres de la piscine
Pilotage pergola via smartphone

A remote-control for even more comfort

Biossun places a great deal of emphasis on the comfort and well-being of the users of its bioclimatic pergolas. With the connected pergola, you enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic and intuitive remote-control with a pared down design. Its functionalities allow you to manage the different elements of your pergola. Open and close the adjustable slats by zone according to your needs, control lighting as you see fit, and pull the screens up or down with ease.
No more need to get up to adjust the equipment of your outdoor space!

Use the control unit to manage your pergola remotely

When we talk about a special pergola, we're talking about a unique connected equipment. The Biossun innovation also allows you to remotely control the different elements that make up your outdoor space. The control unit is a Wi-fi connected command centre that is designed to remotely control the pergola via a smartphone or tablet. Allow yourself the luxury to create different scenarios, configure them, select the brightness of the lights, the colours, the position of the slats, etc.
This tool can be used by several users for one or more pergolas.

The MyBiossun app revolutionises the use of your pergola

In every moment, be the master of your bioclimatic pergola. The MyBiossun app gives you control over the different elements of your outdoor space: slats, lighting, colours, screens, etc. Intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use, this app uses Bluetooth to allow you to control the pergola remotely from a tablet or smartphone. It is designed to be used by several persons for one or more pergolas.

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