A pergola on a house or an apartment roof terrace: when the dream becomes reality

16 April 2021

The terrace, a privileged place of the house and an apartment... Offering a view on your green garden or on the whole city for the roof terrace, it can be easily transformed into a unique living space. Do you dream of enjoying your exterior whatever the season, of taking full advantage of all its benefits? The installation of a pergola offers you all this and more. A simple and quick installation to make your dream come true!

Reinvent your roof terrace with a pergola

What if your outdoor space became synonymous with freedom?
With a removable roof for your terrace, your relaxation area, your play area, your convivial place for your meals, will be 100% comfortable and a source of pleasure. Because the sun's rays and the heat can sometimes be unbearable, the need to arrange your space becomes unavoidable. The installation of a pergola on your roof terrace will allow you to create a small shaded corner of paradise while keeping the sunshine under control. A play of light and shade, ventilation and coolness, enjoy comfort and well-being at all times.
The pergola, the art of living outside differently!

Which pergola model for a roof terrace?

Often sheltered from the wind, or even exposed to the south, the terrace is thought of as a space in its own right where it is pleasant to live. However, the sun and bad weather can limit the enjoyment of your terrace.
Which pergola to choose for a roof terrace of apartment or house? For unparalleled comfort in all seasons, choose a bioclimatic pergola..
Biossun designs custom-made models, a source of innovation. The design, elegance and comfort are always in line with your expectations..
The bioclimatic pergola has retractable and orientable blades by zone. This makes it a removable roof for a pleasant terrace at any time of the day. The natural ventilation avoids the inconvenience of high temperatures and regulates the interior temperature. This retractable roof also protects against bad weather..
The 350 colors offered by the Biossun range allow you to design your exterior in perfect harmony with your house or apartment. Designed as a retractable roof for a terrace, the bioclimatic pergola offers multiple accessorization possibilities:.
- The ZIPSUN® awning, a high quality fabric available in 33 colors, provides solar protection and preserves the contribution of natural light..
- The claustra, an elegant aluminum screen, matches the color of your pergola. You keep perfect control of the sun's rays..
- The rain sensor, like the anemometer, has an automatic activation system that closes the blades..
- The RGB or white LED strip lighting creates a luminous atmosphere, emphasizing the beautiful lines of your pergola. The moments spent in your new space of freedom are even more comfortable and magical!

Enhance your bioclimatic pergola

Once your terrace is set up, create a world of your own by enhancing your pergola. Play with colors by choosing flower boxes, exotic plants and small shrubs adapted to your region's climate. Think of decorating your furniture with a cushioning in harmony with the desired decoration. Country, bohemian, cosy, zen, everything is allowed according to your desires.

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