A pergola for your apartment terrace ?

29 April 2019

Do you want to take full advantage of your apartment terrace whatever the season? Often associated with a garden or patio, pergolas can also be used on an apartment terrace. Creating a customised outdoor space, it offers conviviality and comfort day in day out. To install a bioclimatic pergola in this type of setting and take advantage of all the benefits it offers, you simply need to be familiar with the key checkpoints.

The benefits of a bioclimatic pergola for an apartment terrace Imagine an outdoor area that offers a comfortable, welcoming space that can be enjoyed all year round. While protecting your privacy, a bioclimatic pergola can fit seamlessly into your living environment without spoiling the appearance of your home. It simply becomes a natural extension of your apartment. So the forecast is for cool weather or even rain? In its closed configuration, the pergola keeps the unpleasant conditions safely outside. The sun is here to stay? Thanks to your pergola with tilt-adjustable slats, play with the light while keeping cool. Whatever the season, the different elements of your bioclimatic pergola enable you to take advantage of your terrace.

Key checkpoints when converting your terrace

Creating and installing a pergola means that a number of essential elements need to be checked. Certain authorisations might also be required before implementing your project.

Technical constraints
The pergola can be incorporated into any type of accommodation, the configuration of the site permitting. To create this new living area, it is essential to check the accessibility of your apartment terrace. It must be possible to anchor the pergola to the wall and floor without any restrictions. A technical inspection is therefore necessary to verify that your project is feasible. It is also important to ensure that installing the bioclimatic pergola in no way reduces the light entering your apartment. Depending on its location, you might, for example, choose a pergola model with tilt-adjustable slats.

The authorisations required
Initially, it is important to ensure that the terrace is private property. In a jointly-owned building, the installation of a pergola is subject to the approval of the general assembly of co-owners. That is because this kind of installation falls into the category of works affecting the external appearance of the building (in accordance with the law of 10 July 1965). Planning permission is also necessary.

Biossun solutions for a unique outdoor living area

Biossun reinvents the art of outdoor living with unique, tailor-made solutions. We focus on innovation, by designing a space that meets your expectations to the letter, while creating an atmosphere that is ideally-suited to you. Our terrace solutions enable you to find the perfect balance between comfort and the weather conditions. Elegance meets well-being in perfect harmony to ensure you enjoy moments of shared pleasure all year round. Your outdoor living space is unique, blending seamlessly into your surroundings. The Biossun design has the advantage of fitting in with every style. Choose quality and a tailor-made décor for a pergola on your apartment terrace. Life outdoors promises to be a pleasant and welcoming experience, be it with family or friends.

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