Enjoy genuine additional living space with a pergola

17 September 2020

Are you looking for more space, and a way to extend the comfort of your home or your hotel and restaurant outdoors? There can be no doubt that a bioclimatic pergola is the perfect way to create a unique and practical space. Designed and tailored specifically for you, the pergola provides genuine additional living space which blends harmoniously into your environment. Why not bring space, comfort and enjoyment to your outdoors and turn it into something truly special?

Pergola avec vitres

The art of living re-imagined

Attached to your home, installed in your garden, adjacent to your pool, or designed to house your outdoor jacuzzi and hot tub, the bioclimatic pergola lays the foundations for a new art of living. Its popularity stems from the fact it can be used all year round, no matter the weather or climate.
What could be better than creating memories with friends and family in your room, enjoying the outdoors inside, no matter the time of year? Your custom layout means that you not only gain extra living space, you can also enjoy your environment to the full. Experience the outdoors whilst enjoying all the comforts of an indoor room!

une pièce extérieure avec une pergola

A unique outdoor space offering your customers unrivalled comfort

An unmissable opportunity for restaurant, hotel and even guest house owners to offer customers unparalleled comfort by adding extra space. Custom-designed, it can be perfectly adapted to enhance every environment, from city centres to the countryside to mountains.
The bioclimatic pergola creates an informal, relaxed space where your guests can enjoy a whole host of benefits. Adding an extra room to the outside of your establishment means the sunshine can be enjoyed all year round, with the light managed depending on the time of day. Thanks to slats which can be adjusted in each zone, glazed partitions, moveable screens and even lighting, you can turn your terrace, swimming pool or patio into something truly exceptional.

Create genuine additional living space with an on-trend, elegant bioclimatic pergola: Unique and practical, and tailored to your activity!

pergola aliminium avec vitre

A space tailor-made to suit you

Enjoy the luxury of additional living space, designed exactly to your specifications. There is no better way to create new space – perfect for enjoying time with friends and family – than a pergola, particularly the models available from BIOSSUN. Based on your needs and preferences, your outdoor space can be designed as a winter lounge, the perfect sun trap, a hub of relaxation to enhance your well-being, or even a warm, intimate space alongside your pool or in your garden.
With a vast range of colours, pergola accessories, lighting, furnishings, etc., to choose from, you can turn this extra living space into something truly unique, almost magical, tailored precisely to suit you. You can style your space to suit the surroundings or reflect your taste, using carefully chosen furniture, decorations and plants to give it a dash of designer, chic, contemporary, rustic or even vintage flair.

pergola restaurant

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