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Play with the light to really make the most of your outdoor space in summer

22 July 2020

The bioclimatic pergola offers you a life of luxury 365 days a year in an outdoor space designed to suit you. In summer, enjoy as much or as little light as you like. The retractable and tilt-adjustable slats mean you have full control over the sunshine. By adding certain accessories, you are sure to be in seventh heaven.

jeux d'ombres et lumières

A bioclimatic pergola for custom control of light and shade

Synonymous with comfort and unique well-being, the bioclimatic pergola helps create an outdoor space designed to suit you. Through a patented process, Biossun has designed pergolas fitted with retractable slats that can be angled to the nearest degree, either individually or by zone. You're free to enjoy as much light or shade as you want. The made-to-measure concept means you can design and enhance your space as you wish, providing unrivalled comfort all year round, especially in summer.

pergola à lames orientables

Enjoy your terrace to the max

Summer is the time for warmth, but sometimes it is just too hot. Whatever the summer weather, a bioclimatic pergola is the perfect setting to make the most of the sunshine without suffering in the heat. Any time of day, even when the sun is at its highest, the moments we share are our greatest joy. And it is the retractable and tilt-adjustable slats on the pergola, and the corresponding accessories, that make this possible.

orientation des lames de la pergola

Accessories to optimise your control of the sunshine

Innovation has added the perfect touch to these happy times spent in your carefully designed outdoor space on your terrace, in your garden or even next to your swimming pool. With cutting-edge accessories, Biossun allows you to enjoy everything your terrace, spa, pool or garden area has to offer, enhanced with a pergola that has been tailor-made to suit you.

Transform the light with a connected pergola:

- Remote control
The connectivity box allows you to configure your outdoor space by controlling your pergola from your tablet or smartphone. Programming the pergola has never been easier. Biossun's intuitive and ergonomic remote-control offers the same functionalities, including opening and closing the slats, controlling the lighting, or even raising and lowering the screens.

- The Biossun app
Always at the heart of innovation, Biossun has created a smart and easy-to-use app that allows you to control the natural light. You can create different scenarios with different levels of light and shade, for example.

Other accessories, like the sun visor and screens, allow you to let in as much light as you want. At the same time, they also ensure your privacy is maintained.
For even more comfort, your pergola can be fitted with a sliding glass door to protect the plants and decor that form an essential part of the ambiance you wish to create in your outdoor space.

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Enjoy genuine additional living space with a pergola

Are you looking for more space, and a way to extend the comfort of your home or your hotel and restaurant outdoors? There can be no doubt that a bioclimatic pergola is the perfect way to create a unique and practical space.

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