Enjoy the use of your pergola in every season

9 January 2020

A true extension of your house or apartment, your pergola is ideally located on your terrace, in your garden or by the poolside. In perfect harmony with your environment, it undeniably adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Add to this its distinctive design created according to your selected customisations. No need to wait for nice weather in order to use it! It can be adapted to suit your needs, and this in every season. A privilege which wholly contributes to its success...

The bioclimatic pergola, an ideal outdoor living space

Do you enjoy having a pleasant meal with a nice view of the wooded park whatever the season? Do you particularly like having those relaxing moments in a cosy space where the large bays allow the rays of an autumn sun to shine in?
Functional and design-oriented, the bioclimatic pergola was conceived to be an extension of your home which can be adapted for all weather conditions. It becomes the outdoor living space where friends and family can enjoy time well spent together in every season.
Equipped with adjustable and retractable slats, it allows you to control lighting and ventilation, creating a shaded area or one that is flooded with natural light according to your preference. During the chilliest times of the year or on days when it's less sunny out, sliding glass doors offer a much welcome comfort.

What furnishings should you choose to fully enjoy your pergola all year round?

Furnish your outdoor area for easy living! Furnishings brighten up your pergola offering you constant serenity in summer and in winter.
Vertical sliding screens are ideal for protecting the space from wind or from the rays of the setting sun. These remote-controlled screens allow you to control the lighting and other elements with no restrictions. The sliding glass door and the sun visor, a stylish privacy screen, also offer many advantages. Have the cold months set in with sunlight seemingly becoming only a rare occurrence? Is the summer heat seemingly unbearable? Perfectly furnished and adaptable, your pergola offers you the comfort of a one of a kind living space.
Adapt your pergola according to your needs! By using designer lighting, brighten up your winter days and your summer nights. Spotlights or LED strips, your choice will depend on the atmosphere you wish to create.

Use the decor to enhance your comfort and serenity in every season

Why not adapt the furnishings to the season? Enhance comfort and serenity by playing around with the decorative elements.
Opt for warm colours in autumn and in winter, and go for subdued tones in summer. You should also make changes to your choice in material throughout the year: linen cushions for summer months and velvet cushions during the colder months.
In addition, you can think about changing small decorative items and plants depending on the season. This will allow you to adapt the ambiance of your pergola.

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The new BIO One pergola - A perfect combination of design and innovation

The new BIO One pergola - A perfect combination of design and innovation

As exquisite as it is innovative, the Bio One pergola has all the qualities to seduce you. BIOSSUN experts help to make your outdoor space a special place where you can enjoy every moment, in any season.

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