What is the recommended height for a carport?

25 May 2022

Who has never complained on winter mornings when the car has to be defrosted or on summer afternoons with the steering wheel burning from the sun?
At Biossun, we have the solution for you: the carport. Less expensive than building a garage, the carport is a practical and aesthetic solution that will blend in with the outside environment. The added bonus is that Biossun aluminium carports are 100% custom-made, so that they are completely in line with your needs. When designing the carport, it is important to determine the dimensions of the carport in advance to optimise your parking.

At Biossun, we offer the manufacture of custom-made aluminium carports as this material has many advantages:
● The first advantage is that the aluminium carport is ultra resistant and has a very long life span. Solid, this material is very light, stable and above all resistant to bad weather.
● In addition to this longevity, the use of aluminium allows ultra simple maintenance since it is a material that does not attract dirt. What we recommend when installing a carport is to clean the structure twice a year with specific products.
● It is always nice to have spaces that blend into the environment of the residence. This is what we offer with our aluminium carports, elegant and aesthetic elements that maintain the architectural harmony to park and protect your vehicles.
● The dimensions of a carport will be proportional to the volumes of the vehicles. It is important to know that it can shelter cars, but also motor homes, caravans, motorbikes... That is why at Biossun, we manufacture custom-made carports with the aim that they adapt perfectly to your needs and your space.

Carport dimensions

From the moment you have the idea of designing a carport, there are many questions to ask yourself in order not to make a mistake and to have a shelter that will be able to support the future elements. Today you only have one car, but in the future a second one may arrive. This is why it is necessary to think carefully about the ideal carport. As with our bioclimatic pergolas, carports can be attached to your house or self-supporting.

The size of the carport varies according to the number of cars you wish to park and, above all, it is proportional to their volume. For a single car, you can start with a base of 5185 x 3300 mm, whereas for two cars, you would need a minimum of 5485 x 6000 mm.

For a carport capable of housing two or more vehicles, you will also have to think about how to park: one next to the other or one behind the other. In order to have an optimised carport size for two cars.

Other uses of the carport

As previously mentioned, the carport can shelter your cars, but also any other vehicle such as motorcycle, camper, caravan, etc.. Everything will depend on the height as well as the width of this one.

Whether it is attached to your house or not, the aluminum carport could be used in a different way as it has the advantage of protecting from bad weather. It can be used as a terrace shelter in order to act as a veranda and offer an additional room in the open air to make the most of the outside.

The carport also has the possibility of protecting garden items such as furniture, lawn mower or gardening tools. .

You will have understood it, to conceive a carport out of aluminium to measure must require reflexion to have an optimized space. The essential element to take into account is that when you park your vehicles, you can open the doors and turn around.

You can customize your carport by adding options in order to maximize its use.

You have the idea of building a carport? Tell us about your project here.

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