Retour d'expérience installation pergolas biossun au coeur de l'espace restauration hotel pullman toulouse airport

Experience feedback: Installation of Biossun bioclimatic patio covers in the heart of the hotel Pullman Toulouse Airport.

3 February 2018

The expectations of hotel and restaurant operators have changed. They seek to create personalized and convivial places, where the service is redesigned thanks to flexible spaces that can take on different functions. The specific approach of the specific department of Biossun meets this expectation with tailor-made support. Its bioclimatic pergolas reinvent the space, make it evolve and bring more comfort to the customers. Olivier Thomas, director of the Pullman Toulouse Airport in Blagnac (31), tells us why he chose Biossun.


What do your Biossun bioclimatic pergolas have brought you everyday?
"Optimizing the operation of the terrace is a key to attracting customers, to make them want to eat in a pleasant and comfortable setting, which invites them to stay longer at the table. It is a lever to increase our operating area, the number of covers and also the average ticket via additional sales. To take full advantage of our terrace and prolong the season, we opted for a Biossun bioclimatic pergola project. We now have a covered terrace of nearly 90 m2, which allows us to enhance the dining space and create different atmospheres throughout the day and according to the opportunities. Whatever the moment, we have a space expected by our customers, very lifestyle. Whether it's raining, selling or hot weather, our customers can eat in a shady place, perfectly ventilated and away from any drop. Rain and wind sensors automatically manage weather hazards. For our team, the installation of these terrace covers with adjustable slats also marks the end of useless training or last-minute set-ups."

Why did you choose Biossun?
"We opted for Biossun because the brand is referenced within the Accor group to which we belong. Biossun is also the only specialist in bioclimatic pergolas offering a department dedicated to professionals in the hospitality industry. The team in place is particularly familiar with the concerns of the operators (Denis Tardivon and Eric Bleyer) and the local distribution network also perfectly relays this exclusive service. With our project manager Biossun, we have defined our technical specifications so that these pergolas are adapted to our needs in terms of operation and architecture. We were accompanied at every step: from the technical design to the choice of finishes, through the administrative procedures. We could imagine our project thanks to a very successful visualization in 3D. Both operationally and architecturally, the result is a tailor-made answer."


What do your customers think of this new terrace?
"The feedback is very positive and the customers are unanimous. Visually, they retain the chic side of the pergola, its standing, the quality of its finishes and they appreciate the comfort it gives them during meals. The terrace is always perfectly ventilated in a natural way thanks to the adjustable blades ... And the space is totally flexible because we can at their request, modify the angle of opening of the slats according to the brightness and the time it fact. They feel so good that they linger more often at the table. "

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