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Feedback: Installing a pergola in a restaurant…

27 October 2020

We went looking for Luigi, who manages the restaurant De la Vigne à l’Olivier in La Ciotat. This gastronomical empire is also renowned for its grocery shop and its wine cellar. In 2019, Luigi requested BIOSSUN's services to add a BIO230 pergola to his terrace. He noticed two significant advantages straight away.

Creating a unique outside space

When on this terrace, which has been set up in an adventurous, leisurely and joyful spirit, you to make the most of every moment. With the boats of the old harbour visible in the distance, Luigi chose to invest in the BIO 230 double bay. As manager of this unique location, Luigi makes a point of expressing his love of good food and quality produce but also of designs that stand out.
Designing this outdoor space was the perfect opportunity to create a bar and to install carefully chosen designs to show off the restaurant's personality. The pergola was customised with LED lighting for an even warmer atmosphere.

This BIO 230 anthracite grey pergola, detached from the building Luigi refers to as "the pyramid at the centre of La Ciotat" is a wonderful mix of the traditional and the modern.

A wide range of materials, colours and optional extras ranging from modern to classic designs means that every BIOSSUN pergola is unique. Restaurateurs are free to create a dedicated area matching the design of their establishment, with their choice of furnishings and decoration.

Getting the most from his terrace all year round

Luigi wanted to meet his customers' expectations by providing them with a comfortable terrace throughout the year. It was important to him that his customers could "continue to enjoy the terrace during the colder months, in particular during the autumn and winter".
So, how could he offer the same level of comfort both outside and inside in any season?
The BIO 230 pergola won Luigi over. Featuring a sliding glass door, it is an asset for any café, hotel, bar or restaurant. With the extra floor space this creates, restaurateurs will be able to increase their table numbers and accommodate more customers, resulting in increased revenue!

BIOSSUN's innovative designs allow the whole of the pergola to be opened up or closed. This makes it easy to use a terrace no matter the season. Once the aluminium slats have been closed, the BIOSSUN pergola is completely waterproof. Those inside are sheltered from bad weather and heat, leading to maximum comfort. No need to worry about the unpredictable weather. All outside services are thus easily safeguarded!

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