How to set up a "dining space" under your pergola

19 November 2019

Your pergola is a perfect place for relaxation and well-being which can also be configured to include a dining space. You can therefore set the table all year round, welcoming your guests and taking full advantage of this fun and inviting space. But how can you optimise the space, what items should you choose according to the configuration of your bioclimatic pergola? What furniture is ideal for spending quality time with family and friends? Follow our guide to create a warm atmosphere perfect for hosting fun-filled dinners, and this in every season.


The importance of furniture in creating the perfect dining space

Each bioclimatic pergola is unique. A tailor-made design, your pergola is made to exist in perfect harmony with the environment. You can also consider a personalised arrangement for your dining space.
While the design of the space will differ depending on its size, there are quite a number of possibilities for both small and large spaces. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, your meals will be held under the best conditions with furniture that is hand-picked according to your preferences and adapted to the available space. The choice in furniture will depend on how large the pergola is. Your outside living room table may be square, rectangular or round depending on the surface area. Consider foldable or stackable chairs if you don't have much space.
Is your pergola large enough to accommodate a space dedicated to the little ones? Small tables and chairs, perfect for your mini-me's, will create a space that kids can enjoy during your organised meals, no matter the season.

coin repas sous pergola

Be daring when it comes to decorative items to give the space that personal touch

Imagine a dining space arrangement that's tailor-made for you! A café feel, the country look, a particular theme (Mediterranean, Arabian Nights, etc.). It is the shapes, colours and material of your various decorative items that will give your pergola that personal touch.
Dare to be creative and let your theme inspire you! If you have enough space, don't hesitate to opt for a hammock, an outdoor carpet or even wicker baskets that go with the general theme of your decor. Today's range of indoor/outdoor decor has everything to ensure you'll find something to satisfy your needs.

accessoires pergola de nuit

Plants and lighting for perfecting the arrangement of your pergola

Choosing elegant lighting fixtures for your pergola will help to create a warm and inviting dining space.At night, or when the light is low, some candles and lanterns or even a floor lamp will provide the lighting needed.This will make your time spent together at the table become all the more enjoyable.
The perfect arrangement for your dining space also implies the addition of some plants. A few hints of greenery here and there can add a fresh decorative touch that everyone can appreciate.Flowered plants, potted fruit trees and even aromatic plants will make a difference in your pergola, creating a look that is absolutely stunning!

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